Friday, December 27, 2013

The Second Annual Underrated Film Award Nominations (2013)

It's time again, the Underrated Film Awards are back!  While putting together my list for the second year of these awards, I once again found myself questioning "what does underrated mean?"  Now if you look at some of these nominees, you may say well they had good reviews/were rated highly.  Most of them were, but underrated doesn't mean bad films/campy films people now all of a sudden deem good like White House Down, or Pain and Gain.  Sorry to be a hater.

This years list of nominees in the film category includes two sci-fi films that embrace genre stereotypes, but push the envelope, an interesting twist on zombies, a tale of a porn obsessed young lad, a coming of age summer camp story, and of course the end of the world.

Most Underrated Films of 2013
The Bling Ring 
Don Jon
Pacific Rim 
This is the End 
Warm Bodies 
The Way Way Back 

Most Underrated Performances of 2013
Andrew Dice Clay-Blue Jasmine 
Ryan Gosling-The Place Beyond the Pines 
Rinko Kikuchi-Pacific Rim 
Aubrey Plaza-The To Do List
Sam Rockwell-The Way Way Back 
Miles Teller-The Spectacular Now 
Emma Watson-The Bling Ring

Most Underrated Technicals Aspects of a 2013 Film (Direction, Writing, Editing etc., )
Phillip Ivey's Production Design in Elysium
Anthony Gonzalez, M83, and Joseph Trapenese's Original Score for Oblivion
Nicole Holofcener's Direction for Enough Said 
Sean Bobbit's Cinematography for The Place Beyond the Pines
Joseph Gordon Levitt's Screenplay for Don Jon
Terel Gibson's Film Editing in The King's of Summer 
Janty Yates' Costume Design in The Counselor

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