Monday, December 23, 2013

Performer to Watch: Margot Robbie

Back in 2011 Margot Robbie was a show stopper on the little seen, but well liked ABC series Pan Am.  For those who have seen the show, she obviously made an impact then, but its he performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, which will be released in all theatres on Christmas Day that will make this woman a star.

Back in 1980 Martin Scorsese launched another blonde's career, Cathy Moriarty, and this performance in Wolf is just as memorable.  There is something magnetic, about Robbie, which partly includes her beauty, but its her performance as Naomie, which steals scenes in a movie full of scene stealers.  Robbie is fantastic as she indulges in drug fueled debauchery with DiCaprio, but grounds the films leading man throughout the last third of the film.  Robbie's Namoie is fantastic, and in a movie mainly about the men, she is certainly a memorable character, and gives a great performance.

This Australian actress from the Gold Coast has done much state side, but watch for her star power to launch through Wolf.  Robbie has a film opposite Michelle Williams, entitled Suite francaise from director Saul Dibb, which will be released next year.  Robbie will also star opposite Will Smith from writer/director team Glenn and John Requa (Bad Santa, I Love you Phillip Morris).  Look for Robbie to star in many more films, and Joss Whedon take note you have your Ms. Marvel!

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