Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Movies to See and Skip!

November was about two films at the box office Thor: The Dark World, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Thor started strong, and will do better than the original already besting it with 186 million domestic, and 404 million foreign.  By the end Thor will do about 200 million domestic, which is half of Iron Man 3, but still decent.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has made 296 million domestic, and 276 in foreign markets, look for this film to give Iron Man 3 a run for its money as the number one film of the year.

While the God of Thunder and the "Girl on Fire" were the epic films of the month there were two other note able films released in November, Frozen and The Best Man Holiday.  Frozen has grossed 93 million domestic in just five days, looks for families to eat this film up, and push it past 200 million easily.  Holiday has grossed 63 million, and by the end of its run could keep climbing adding on another 15-20 million.  Frozen is proof that classic Disney animation has strong legging, and Holiday is proof in the power of good black cinema.

I will also add that I was correct about last months must-see movie, look for Nebraska at a theatre near you within the next few weeks it was a great film.  What does December have in store?

December 6th 

A few years back Crazy Heart was a sleeper hit with Jeff Bridges (although I hated it).  Out of the Furnace looks more like last years Rampart, and ironically both star Woody Harrelson.  Bale and Harrelson are said to be strong.  Furnace has lots of potential.

The Coen Brothers have a magical power with their films, a unique nature, which captivates audiences and their fans time and time again.  Inside Llewyn Davis is said to be another great film from the duo, with a great cast, music  T-Bone Burnett, how can you go wrong?

Must See of the Month: Inside Llewyn Davis

December 13th 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was one of the most disappointing films from last year, Peter Jackson and his team seemed to lost their magic.  I believe splitting this film into three films was the real mistake, but anything to make money.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug could redeem the first, but I fear will also just be mediocre.

What can I say, another film with Tyler Perry, and Madea, this one entitled, Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas.  I honestly do not have any words, this film looks terrible.

Must Skip of the Week and Month: Tyler perry's A Madea Christmas 

December 20th 

Anchorman became a thing of legends, Will Ferrell may not be the most liked out there, but the first film has been quoted more than any in recent history.  Will a sequel ruin the greatness of the first?  It could. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has potential, but be wary.

I will be getting to see American Hustle at a screening this week, and will be able to speak to the film further.  David O. Russell has had his two most recent films (The Fighter, and Silver Linings Playbook) get Best Picture nominations.  Will this film succeed? Looks good.

Mary Poppins is my favorite Disney film of all time.  Will Saving Mr. Banks do the behind the scenes magic justice?  With another great ensemble and the director which added the heart to The Blind Side on board with Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson this will be a magical experience.

The film I am most excited for (personally) is the Spike Jonez film Her starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who fall in love with an operating system while trying to get over an ex-girlfriend. This may leave you a little cold, but watch the trailer below.

Must See of the Week: Her

December 27th 

Ben Stiller has never been one of my favorite actors, but his work behind the scenes is always pretty solid.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty looks to be his most large scale endeavor, but this looks to be too grand of an attempt, that may may not be worth the adventure.

Martin Scorsese is a genius, and The Wolf of Wall Street could be one proof this man know how to make great cinema with its blended dark humor, and intense realism of the modern day economic greed.  This weekends screening proves the film has ambition, and will most likely be that film people flock to the way they went to see Django last year.

Turning a play into a film can be tricky, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, Gods of Carnage, The History Boys, the list could go on and on.  I imagine August: Osage County will have fans of the play a little less pleased, but audiences will eat this film up.  My thought before its release is that I have hope for it to be good, but am keeping my expectations low.

47 Ronin is bringing Keanu Reeves back to the big screen, but with an inflated production budget, and move able release date this film is already trouble in the making.  

I think Grudge Match may get old school fans of Stallone and DeNiro to show, but I will forewarn you this movie is going to be terrible.

Must See of the Week: The Wolf of Wall Street
Must Skip of the Week: Grudge Match 

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