Friday, January 25, 2013

Goodbye 30 Rock: A Look at Seven Great Seasons with 7 Great Episodes

The seven best, or well my seven favorite episodes of 30 Rock span from seasons 1 through seasons 5.  Season 6 was a bit of a mess, but this season has improved on the quality.  What makes a great television episode is hard to pin point.  Many shows turn in quality episodes time and time again. 30 Rock is one of those shows, so picking seven was difficult, but these 7 seven stand out to me as thought with a head above the rest.

"Jack-Tor" Season 1 Episode 5 Written by Robert Carlock  and Directed by Don Scardino

From the introduction of Jenna's classic song "Muffin Top" to watching CEO Jack try to act this episode is one of the best!

"Tracey Does Conan" Season 1 Episode 7 Written Tina Fey by and Directed by Adam Bernstein

Liz going a little wonky after giving blood, Tracey being stable on Conan (although he falls asleep) and Jenna in the hard to pronounce Rural Jurror.

"Rosemary's Baby" Season 2 Episode 4 Written by Jack Burditt and Directed by Michael Engler 

Liz gets "followship" for being a good number two for Jack; she also meets her lonely but independent minded idol Rosemary (Carrie Fisher).  The highlight of the episode is Jack's impersonations of Tracey, his father, mother, step-dad and neighbors.

"Sandwich Day" Season 2 Episode 14 Written Robert Carlock, Jack Burditt  and Directed by Don Scardino

I am going corporate monkeys! Love it, Liz picking a sandwich over a man, what more could be said.  You'll all have chins, damn Liz is right food matters!

 "Believe in Stars" Season 3 Episode 2 Written Robert Carlock and Directed by Don Scardino

One word! Oprah, and Liz proves she can get out of jury duty in Chicago dressed Princess Leia, priceless.

"Anna Howard Shaw" Day Season 4 Episode 13 Written by Matt Hubbard Directed by Ken Whittingtham-Liz at the Dentist

Liz gets high on anesthesia after a trip to the dentists office and the three Jamaican women become her three exes, priceless. 

"When it Rains it Pours" Season 5 Episode 2 Written Robert Carlock and Directed by Don Scardino

"Liz finds out that a guy in editing is spreading rumors about her, Jack begins recording advice videos for his unborn son, Tracy takes steps to make sure he's there for his daughter's birth, and Kenneth tries to prove he has a purpose."

The best writer/director team is clearly Robert Carlock, and Don Scardino.  These two men have produced some of the funniest moments in the history of this show.  Yet as stated narrowing down this list is almost impossible.  30 Rock is one of the funniest shows of all time.

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