Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February Movies to See and Skip

In the haze of busy holiday season, and award show season, I may have missed my monthly movies to see and skip in January.  Overall January was a weak month for new releases, I do not think I saw one film, which had a release date within the month.  January was filled with catching up on films like Amour, Life of Pie, and re-seeing awesome films like Argo.  Unfortunately February does not look any better.

February 1st
Warm Bodies
Bullet to the Head
Stand Up Guys

Warm Bodies looks like it may be one of the better films of the month, putting a fun spin on the living dead concept.  Sylvestor Stallone is almost 70 and needs to stop!  Stand Up Guys looks decent enough, and the cast is great, but the older buddy comedy/drama is warn out out give it a rest.

February 8th
Identity Thief
Side Effects

I love Melissa McCarthy but this material looks beneath her, and if its anything like Horrible Bosses I will hate this film.  Side Effects looks like Contagion meets any crappy love story.

February 15th 
A Good Day to Die Hard
Beautiful Creatures
Safe Haven

Someone needs to prevent Nicholas Sparks from writing because the movies from his books look worse and worse every year.  I did not think it would be possible to make one worse than generically titled film with Zac Effron last year, but Safe Haven looks worse.  Die Hard 1 and 2 were great films, from what I am hearing this one may shoot a burst of energy into the franchise.  Beautiful Creatures has Razzies in its future.

February 22nd
Dark Skies

Oh my Gosh the Rock is playing a bad ass cops call the been there done that police.  Dark Skies has Kerri Russell but so did August Rush; she can't save everything!

My advice: Rent movies you missed coming out on DVD!

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