Monday, June 6, 2011

New York City Adventures Day Two: You'll Have a Gay Old Time

Day two of my New York City excursion was another great time.  I got to sleep in and then took the train to meet one of my favorite people, Kyle Palmer for lunch.  The two of us went on a date a couple of years ago and every time we meet up we always go to eat Ruby Tuesday's in Times Square, it is our little tradition.  As we parted I ended up meeting with my friend Keith and we started our night out.  We ate at one of my favorite places in Hell's Kitchen Empenada Mama's, then saw X-Men: First Class.

Going to see a movie in Manhattan is a different experience.  When you go on opening night or even opening weekend of a big blockbuster film you have to get there at least half an hour before.  The theatre was packed it was a sold out crowd, but the real fun began after when we hit the clubs.  We started out at a newer club Industry, then went to Therapy, then finished the night at Posh.  The gay scene in Manhattan is pretty fun because you can go all over the city and find a place or crowd that suits what you want.  Of course this is like a lot of major cities, but the Hell's Kitchen scene is different from Chelsea, and is different in Greenwich Village.  I am excited to finally move to a big city in less than a month, and have the opportunity to be a part of something similar to this.

I want my group of gay friends like in The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000) or The Boys in the Band (1970) but with less melodrama (may be difficult).  The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy is about a group of friends who play on the same softball team and live in West Hollywood.  This film has stellar cast with lots of famous television stars: Timothy Olyphant, Dean Cain, Zach Braff, Nia Long, Mary McCormick, and John Mahoney.  This group of friends in the film is portrayed very accurately.  I love watching these relationships in this film because you see how through adversity gay men form such tight friendships and hold close to the ties that bind.

Then there is that darker side of friendship like the film The Boys in the Band, which shows the close relationships, but also shows the bitterness that can happen with friendship.  The film is based on a play which centers around a friends birthday.  This one present sets things of, and these older gay men help give a great representation of a group of gay friends in the 70s and how things sometimes never change.  I loved finding this film.  I remember being a young closeted gay man and finding this movie and thinking about the wonder that exist and forming great friendships within a community.  This movie helped me to define so many things about who I am as a person.

While I was there it made think about my future in Boston, and finding place with new friends.  I loved being out in the city with my friends and meeting new friends, what a great night it was!

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