Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Month, New Directions ! Movie Makeovers, Do they Really Work?

I have been away from writing for about a day, I was at a camp in Lake George.  I was thinking about what to talk about and how personal I wanted to get.  There is a lot I could share (but I won't be).  That struck me, how personal do I want to get  when it comes to sharing about my personal life.  I think as time comes, I will be sharing more and more, I just have to become more comfortable with that.  The other thing I thought about what direction this blog will go.  I looked at what I posted when I first started then scanned each month and saw the different topics.

The month started out interesting, and I think it will only get more interesting.  With a new job coming up, a trip planned to New York City, a trip to Columbus for pride, and my adventures while living at home.  This blog has taken a new direction and could evolve as time passes.  This reminds me of all those movies where the "ugly" girl gets a makeover and turns out to be beautiful swan.

Now in some of those movies the girl is clearly not ugly, for example She's All That (1999) with Rachel Leigh where the only makeover she undergoes is taking off her glasses and letting her hair down.  I think my website will do more than just lose glasses, but I may let my hair down.  There are so many directions this website could go.   Even within this post I know I am going to go in a new direction.

 On another note films like like these make being women about your looks, and not the inner beauty.  With Miss Congeniality (2000) Sandra Bullock lake femininity and they need to make her over in order that she can take party in the beauty pageant to carry on a covert operation for the FBI.  overall the message of the movie is actually positive that there can value in both arenas, and you can learn a lot from meeting women who value something different.  I think feminist ideals are rarely presented in films, most movies deal with the opposite like within this example.  A simple makeover is not enough to change a person, but the experiences you have can shape how you view yourself in connection with others.  The interesting thing for me is when I decided to take chances I look back at what I did an things ended up the same, for example this last day.

Now my favorite thing about this post is that it is all over the place, and well it is time to stop writing.  I love talking about a good movie so time to switch up the topic and hope that within this month I provide more fun and interesting topics from my life.

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