Friday, June 24, 2011

Living at Home in Your Late Twenties Part Eight: I Want to be a Hoosier!

So while at home in the Dillon house hold we tend to talk about basketball, A LOT!  We used to talk about it more last year and the years before because my sister was a very talented basketball player.  My father
 also referees women's basketball, so we would talk about that as well.  My sister was the athlete of the family, I played lacrosse for a little while, ran cross country, and did track during high school, but was never an athlete.  I never hated talking about basketball, but its funny to see how much it is still talked about even after my sister has finished playing.

There are numerous basketball films out there, but the only one I really enjoy is the film Hoosiers (1986).   Hoosiers  stars Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper.  Norman Dale (Hackman) coaches an  Indiana high school team in the 1950s.  Shooter (Dennis Hopper) plays a recovering alcoholic who attempts to help  Dale coach the boys to victory. The film represents the time of the film, but it also represents the sport of basketball incredibly well.  I have never seen another films about basketball where I have been on the edge of my seat or cheered for this underdog team.  Within sports films, rooting for the underdog is common theme.   The director David Anspaugh and the writer Angelo Pizzo have created an iconic film that is the best basketball movie ever made. 

I have to admit I have not watched this film recently,  my copy of this film is in storage.  I own very few sports films this and Remember the Titans (no not Rudy-I don't have an obsession with Notre Dame like everyone out there).  I think sports films are formulaic, but this one breaks the mold!  So while I live at home I will drink the kool-aid, and talk about basketball as much as I need to.

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