Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Pride: One Big Gay Musical Extravaganza

So my blog has been neglected the last 5 days because I was in Columbus, Ohio for the LGBT Pride 
events.  This was a wonderful grad school reunion (one month later) with my friends Steven and Lindy.  The details of the whole weekend are, well, probably too much to share, but we went out to the bars, enjoyed the parade on Saturday, and went to their show tunes night on Sunday.  I actually was awake for 24 hours (I am very tired), but it was worth it!  We did not just party it up, we relaxed and decompressed.  One thing we did get to do was relax and hang out and play with dogs and watch movies.  I think the best part about this weekend was that not only did we have fun going, out but we were to sit back relax and just chill, and get to enjoy spending time with one another.  I miss my friends already, and hope I get to visit and meet up with them more.

The theme of this weekend was well, everything gay (and meeting people in open relationships-but that is a different story.)  We even watched a gay movie, The Big Gay Musical (2009), which is on watch instant on Netflix.  The movie like most gay films follows two leads both beautiful and ripped on their quest for love.  The "actors" in this movie were a lot of models from the gay male "dating" web site Manhunt, so the acting was not the greatest.  I did not enjoy the story that much either, but they did portray things that were relate able, like being a slut vs. wanting a relationship and the risks, dating guys who are flaky, coming out etc.   The one thing I enjoyed most about this movie was the music, and the musical aspect to the film, it was campy and clever.

On Sunday night, my friend Steven and I went to do show tunes night at the bar Union.  While there they play show tunes songs from television shows, and it is just a great time.  I will give The Big Gay Musical a pass for now, because like show tunes night movies like this are not meant to win awards, they are meant to be fun for a specific audience to enjoy, and they provide a window into a world of issues gay men face, and the fun of the musicals.  Now, I will not be running out to buy this movie, but it fit the mood of the weekend.

Happy Pride to Everyone!

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