Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breakthrough Performer June: Jennifer Lawrence is a True Shape Shifter with her Acting Style

After seeing X-Men: First Class, for the third time yesterday at the drive-ins (what wonderful night).  I realized I was not just blown away by Michael Fassbender, but Jennifer Lawrence is another talent on the rise.  In X-Men Lawrence plays the shape shifting mutant Mystique and adds so much more layer to the role than her former portrayer.  In this film Lawrence does more than kick butt, we learn more about her character, and what Raven aka Mystique had to deal with with her blue skin.

Lawrence first came onto my radar last year in the film Winter Bone (2010) where Ree a young girl who lives with her family in the Ozark; she has to take care of younger brother and sister because her mother is sick, and her father is a criminal, drug addict, and he has disappeared.  When a cop arrives at their door; he informs Ree that her father posted bail and has disappeared.  Ree has to find her father in order to keep their house and protect her siblings.  Lawrence fights her way through the male dominated world, and and asks her uncle to help her keep her family from losing everything.  Lawrence was nominated for several awards for this role, including the Academy Award for Best Lead Actress.  Lawrence is stunning in this film, and I was blown away by her tour de force performance.  She is a fierce actress, and I look forward to seeing her in more movies.

Lawrence has in fact landed one of the most coveted female roles in Hollywood, in book to film adaptation of The Hunger Games, which will be released in 2012.  My cousin and my friend Keith told me about this book, and I am looking to start to read this after I get The Girl Who Played with Fire.  Lawrence's talent will take her far in films.

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