Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tune In or Tune Out: Enlisted (FOX)

Enlisted (FOX)
Created by: Kevin Biegel (Scrubs, Cougartown) 
Starring: Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young, and Keith David 

Sometimes show that start at the beginning of January or Summer are the throw away shows, but not this one.  There were several belly laughs, from Pilot of this show from creator Kevin Beigel who started as staff writer in the fifth season of Scrubs, and also worked on Cougartown.  The Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs) humor is apparent within this show, and is one of the best pilots of the year.

Enlisted centers around Sgt. Pete Hill (Stults) who is stationed in Afghanistan, but because of some antics he is sent to a small base in Florida where he must ship a reject squad into shape, the squad includes his two brothers.  As the episode starts you see these three brothers as young boys sending their father off to war each setting up a future representation of them self. Derrick (Lowell) is the sarcastic brother, while Randy (Young) is the often sensitive one who always longs for familial affection.  Keith David also stars as the commanding officer; he has made history have having great supporting roles, and I think this one will draw him a lot of attention.

Enlisted reminds me of Scrubs meets the 1981 film Stripes starring Bill Murray.  The jokes are non stop and hilarious there is one related to Bradley Cooper and stabbing, and Private Park steals many scenes, let's hope she is bumped to a series regular.  Enlisted may look hokey, but like Brooklyn Nine-Nine Enlisted finds humor in an unlikely place the military.  More shows need to take a risk and mix up their formula in an unlikely place, like with cops, or military, a mundane office, or even a community college things that often appear humorless on the outside.

Enlisted joins the ranks of many new shows which are creating hope that there is a creative resurgence in funny television.  

Tune In: This show is Hilarious 

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