Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Second Annual Underrated Film Award Winners

Most Underrated Films of 2013
The Bling Ring 
Don Jon
Pacific Rim 
This is the End 
Warm Bodies 
The Way Way Back 

And the winner is.....Don Jon

In his first feature film as a director/writer Joseph Gordon-Levitt does something great; he creates a genuinely funny film with an interesting point of view on modern masculinity.   Gordon-Levitt does a great job with this film, and I give him credit for taking on this film, and creating a deeper more meaningful film about self exploration.  Do not let my serious talk fool you either this film is truly funny, and the scripts shines making you laugh just as hard as you explore the psycho social actions of heterosexual male behavior.  

Most Underrated Performances of 2013
Andrew Dice Clay-Blue Jasmine 
Ryan Gosling-The Place Beyond the Pines 
Rinko Kikuchi-Pacific Rim 
Aubrey Plaza-The To Do List
Sam Rockwell-The Way Way Back 
Miles Teller-The Spectacular Now 
Emma Watson-The Bling Ring

And the winner is....Miles Teller-The Spectacular Now 

In a year full of some of the best lead performances from men Miles Teller got lost in the shuffle for this breakthrough performance.  Teller is brilliant as Sutter.  On the surface Sutter is a cocky young man who believes everyone loves, no adores him.  When his girlfriend breaks up with him Sutter meets Aimee, and layers to the inner workings of his mind peel away. Teller is great as this "little boy lost" abandoned by his father his brings so much life and depth to this character.

Most Underrated Technicals Aspects of a 2013 Film (Direction, Writing, Editing etc,)
Phillip Ivey's Production Design in Elysium
Anthony Gonzalez, M83, and Joseph Trapenese's Original Score for Oblivion
Nicole Holofcener's Direction for Enough Said 
Sean Bobbit's Cinematography for The Place Beyond the Pines
Joseph Gordon Levitt's Screenplay for Don Jon
Terel Gibson's Film Editing in The King's of Summer 
Janty Yates' Costume Design in The Counselor

And the winner is....Sean Bobbit's Cinematography for The Place Beyond the Pines

place beyond the pines cinematography

The Place Beyond the Pines is the film Oscar forgot, but one of the best parts of this film was the cinematography.  I am from where the film is set, Schenectady, NY, and this films captures the beauty and darkness of this small upstate New York City.  The cinematography is beautiful capturing each shot/image of this three part journey perfectly.  The cinematography stands out namely because of the way it explains the emotional aspects of each character along with painting the picture of the surrounding area.

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