Friday, December 21, 2012

Pitch Perfect may not be Perfect, but it's one the Most Fun Films of the Year

Pitch Perfect (3 1/2 out of 5 Stars)
Jason Moore (Dawson's Creek, Avenue Q)
Kay Cannon (30 Rock, New Girl)
Starring: Anna Kendrick, Brittant Snow, Anna Camp, Skylar Astin, and Rebel Wilson

The first thing I have have to get out of the way before I go any further is, I hate a capella.  You heard that right, for the most part I find it a bit obnoxious, and the characters in this movie are not far from what those students who a capella are like.  Working at a college has provided with interesting insight into the world of the different groups a cliques that form after high school, not much changes.  With my admission out there on the table I have to say I loved this film.

Pitch follows Beca (Kendrick) in her first year at college.  Beca is greeted by annoyingly chipper girl (not far from reality), and the adventure begins.  Beca does not want to be at college; she wants to be a DJ, but her father who is a college professor wants her to get an education.  Beca ends up joining the Barden Belles a capella group, trying to get them to break their stifling old school ways and join this centuries musical revolution.

Sounds like a bad cliche ridden poorly made teen flick, right? Wrong!  While there are for sure some massive story holes, useless characters, forget about it!  This is one of the funniest films of the year, and like the film Easy A transcends the teen flick genre.  Like with Easy A the concept of paying homage to the classic films, and concepts is important to making this film entertaining, and a big success.  

The director/writer behind this show mainly have television and Broadway credits to their name.  Director Jason Moore was the Tony nominated director for the Broadway Musical Avenue Q, and his work on one of the best Broadway shows helped elevate his direction within this film.  The wit and charm are also there because of screenwriter Kay Cannon.  Cannon has worked on both 30 Rock, and New Girl.  Together these two have formed a great team, making one funny film.

Where would the laughs in this film be without the scene stealer Rebel Wilson who plays the self proclaimed "Fat Amy."  Wilson has the best lines in the film, and her delivery is so sharp.  Throughout the last few years Wilson has proven herself to be one of the up and coming funny ladies out there, with small roles in Bridesmaids; she is now going to host the MTV Movie Awards.  This performance reminds me of Melissa McCarthy is Bridesmaids, and it is a shame the Academy does not go for performances like this one more often.

As more of the straight woman Kendrick is less funny, but still proves she can light up the screen; she too is one of those actresses who has so much talent and potential to play a wide range of characters.  Who would have thought that anyone from the movie Camp, would be as famous as she has become?

While I have revealed my hatred for a capella I can't help but think that this film has warmed my heart to giving it another try.  This film is delightfully charming, and you can't help, but smile, and laugh a lot while watching it over and over again.

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