Friday, December 7, 2012

2012's Best and Worst in Television: The Episodes

Best Television Episodes

Community “Basic Lupine Urology” How do you spoof Law and Order by paying homage to the show while making fun of the procedural, ask Community, because they are the master.  I may be a bit biased because to me this is the funniest show on the air, but this show is of the hook.  From a hilarious cross examination by Annie to Abed and Troy switching from good to bad cop, there is no reason to stop this show.

“Troy: How did we get the short straw?
Abed: It's not a short straw. It's a hot potato.
Troy: Yeah, well, it looks pretty cold to me.
Abed: Cold or dead?.
Troy: Survey says...
Abed: We can't both do the zinger.”

Game of Thrones “Black Water” One of the best directed episodes of the year, and that I have ever seen in television history.  The battle mixed with the genuine brilliant story telling is so well done.  Game of Thrones had a solid season, but this episode catapulted the season into greatness.  How this episode was ignored by the Emmy Awards in the directing category is beyond me.  From the action to Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey’s great on screen acting chemistry this was off the hook.

Mad Men-“The Other Woman”- Mad Men had its weakest season (which is not saying much), but there were some episodes that were out of this world amazing.  “The Other Woman” highlighted one of the most difficult stories as Joan gave up her body to help land the Jaguar account, and become a partner.  Joan steals the episodes and her scenes with Pete, Roger, Don, and Lane are brilliant.  Peggy also completes her growth as she steps out of Don’s shadow on her own.

Homeland- Q&A-Cat and mouse finally catch up to one another.  Carrie is finally justified on her opinion when everyone at the CIA finally finds out that Brody was a terrorist.  This episode takes place almost entirely in the interrogation room, and its brilliance is sealed in the final moments when Carrie confronts Bordy.  If you take out Brody’s daughter’s storyline, this is one of the most perfect episodes.

Revenge “Reckoning” The best season finale of last year!  Revenge knows how to ramp up the drama, while this year the show is a bit more like Alias (good and bad thing), the season ender was one of the most exciting episodes of a television series.  With twists and turns, cliffhangers about major deaths, and Emily finally being challenged, there was a lot of good here.

Parks and Recreation “The Debate” -Leslie Knope versus. Bobby Newport in a debate to hilariously end all debates.   This is not the end of her campaign, but one of the funniest moments where these two go toe to toe on the stage.  While this remains the main story, the best side story involves Andy reenacting his favorite films because their cable is out and they can’t watch the debate.   This episode proves this ensemble fires on all cylinders.

Worst Television Episodes

Grey’s Anatomy-“Flight” Enough already Shonda!  Stop needlessly killing your characters in these awful tragic accidents.  Losing both Lexie and Mark has proven to set your show in a downward spiral (no pun intended).  You continue to use major plot devices to drive the story rather than let natural character development occur.  Your fans are getting fatigue with this crazy episodes.

How I Met Your Mother “The Autumn of Breakups”-Wait didn’t Ted and Victoria break up in season one over Robin, and wait didn’t Ted tell Robin he loved her last season, and things ended incredibly bad for Ted?  Don’t we already know Robin ends up with Barney?  Why are writers wasting their time and their fans time with retread story lines over and over and over again.  Pick the mother!!

Glee “Dynamic Duets”- Thwap! Bam! Pow!  Blaine and his super hero club came off and cloying, and odd, rather than a cute way for him to get over Kurt.  Couldn’t they have just had him going through a crisis rather than dress up in spandex in order to be tempted back into the world of the Warblers.  I am tired of this shows absolutely poor character development, and storyline progression.  This episode proved this show needed to pick a steadier direction rather than fracturing the direction of the show to NY, Ohio and wherever else folks may be.  This episode stands as something beyond camp, but just an awful train wreck.

Revolution “Pilot” One of the worst pilots I have watched in years, this show had no charismatic characters and never made me invested in the mystery nor did I care about the journey.  Now I often give most pilots the benefit of the doubt because they are establishing the story, and building at something bigger.  This show looked like all of the most recent Lost wannabe shows like Alcatraz, the re-make of V, etc.  Stop trying too hard!

The Office “Here Comes Treble” This show has fallen so far from grace, and even fans know this show is no longer relevant or even funny (most of the time).  This season’s Halloween episode entitle “Here Comes Treble” is proof.  Trying to combine four or five entertaining stories can be provide even a mess with longer dramatic episodes, so why add this element to a comedy.  No storyline seemed to hit its groove.

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