Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rose Byrne: Burn her Name into your Memory

Rose Byrne

After seeing the film Bridesmaids for a second time this past Friday I realized that one of its stars is truly on the rise.  Yes, Kristin Wiig is on her way up, but actress Rose Byrne has become a huge presence on both television and in film.  My first true understanding of her talent was not in film, but in the television show Damages.  Damages was on F/X for three seasons and was recently picked up for a fourth season by Direct-TV.  The premise for the first season of this television show had to do with a young up and coming lawyer who was seen running out of an apartment with blood all over her.  We get to see her journey and relationship with manipulative boss Patty (Glen Close).  Byrne's dramatic prowess is impressive; she has garnered several Emmy nominations for her performance, and has been able to go toe to toe with Glen Close a tough challenge for any actor.

This woman has such a range on her and her film career if proof of this; she has done great work in period pieces like I Capture the Castle (2003) to an over sexed Rocker in Get Him to the Greek (2010).  Byrne has been  heartbreaking in dramas like Adam (2009) where she plays Beth the love interest of a young man with Aspergers.  This woman has range and her turn in Bridesmaids shows us she can truly be funny as well as a good dramatic actress.  In the next couple of weeks Byrne will play Moira McTaggert in X-Men: First Class and will get even more exposure.  I hope that producers in Hollywood take notice of her serious talent and cast her more, and help her to garner more attention.

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