Monday, May 16, 2011

Bridesmaids is No Bridesmaid to Laughter

Bridesmaids (3 1/2 out of 5 Stars)
Director: Paul Feig (TV's The Office, Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks)
Written: Kristin Wiig and Annie Mumolo
Starring: Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and Rose Byrne

This film takes the funniest people who have been working in television in the last 10 years and make a great film.  The film follows Annie (Wiig) who is a failed business woman; she owned a bakery and it went under in the economy.  The beginning of the film opens with her catching up with her best friend since childhood Lillian (Rudolph).  Soon after this interaction Lillian calls Annie with the news that she is engaged and asks her to be her maid of honor.  To give away any plot details or the jokes from the film would a be disservice, but suffice to say this film is hilarious.

Paul Feig directs this great ensemble with great ease.  Most of his work has been in television and it is often difficult to transcend the different mediums.  There have been many people who have attempted to direct in both film and television and they have not been able to take their directorial style to film, especially with comedies. Feig did great work with Freaks and Geeks and has also been an acclaimed director of the US version of The Office.

I think the strength is also in the writing Wiig and Mumolo craft a very funny witty script that highlight great funny moments about what being single, friendship, and the stress of weddings.  Not only does Wiig do a great job as the screenwriter, but she also is the star of the film and her comic timing and acting great; she is one of the comedians from Saturday Night Live who can do so much more than just sketch comedy.  My favorite other member of the ensemble is Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls, Mike & Molly) she is is one of the funniest people and just makes you laugh with every line she delivers.

The film does have moments where it feels splintered, and not always cohesive, and there are moments that are too random.  The film will be compared to The Hangover, but the female version.  This film is similar but also different.   Friendship a key element to The Hangover, but this film is about how women view friendship,  I know many men have said this is a chick flick, and there are elements that create that aspect but this film is a riot, and everyone will be able to stand up and cheer and laugh at this film.  I hope that word of mouth helps to make this another successful small film that could.

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