Friday, May 27, 2011

Living at Home in Your Late Twenties Part Five: Time to Dive into Swimming Pool

Yesterday my dad started to open our swimming pool, as we pulled off the cover an unearthed the leaves
 and gunk, that clogged the filter and were floating on the surface it reminded me of the best part of summers at home, sitting by my pool.  Today I sat out on our deck reading and finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (onto The Girl who Played with Fire).  Today was a great relaxing day and as the summer heat takes over, I will continue to enjoy nice days sitting by my pool.

Every time I see a pool being opened it reminds me of the film Swimming Pool (2003) this independent film is directed by Francois Ozon who works with primarily french speaking films.  This film stars Charlotte Rampling as Sarah Morton who writes mystery novels in the vein of Agatha Christie; she has a detective series and her publisher wants her to write another one, but she wants to try something else.  In her attempt to become inspired her publisher gives her his summer home.  While there Sarah meets her publishers illegitimate daughter Julie.  Julie is the opposite of Sarah she is not refined at all, and they have an odd relationship.  There are several twists and my one suggestion is that you go and see this film.  the pacing is slow but the pay off at the end is worth it!

Today felt like my first day of summer, and as our swimming pool was opened, it reminded me of the the scene in that film when their pool slowly is unveiled.  As the hazy days of of summer set in, and blockbusters own the movie theaters, take a look at your local video store, or look at you Netflix turn on your air conditioning, and sit back, relax and dive into the well written thriller Swimming Pool.

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Cathy Newman said...

Enjoying the life right from the poolside is totally priceless. It just calms us down, and while we enjoy the atmosphere brought by the pool waters, we make our own dive into our own mind. And that’s where we see and hear about movies such as “Swimming Pool.”