Thursday, May 26, 2011

Living at Home in Your Late Twenties Part Four: Ding! Ding! Everyone to your corners its time for The Fighter

Last night made me laugh because it reminded of my teenage years, with my family.  During that time 
everyone in the family would be in the respective rooms doing their own thing.  My mom and dad flip flopped where they would be, my mom would either be in the kitchen cleaning and my dad in their bedroom, or my dad would be in the living room and my mom would be in their bedroom.  My sister would always be in her room, while I would be in my room.  We like our space, but when I looked at it last night it felt as though we all went to our separate corners in a boxing ring.  I could have thought this because we watched NBCs reality series The Voice, but I think I also thought this because another thing I learned as I came home, is that everyone has their routine.

People have a routine they follow in their daily lives, I had one while I lived in Bowling Green, my sister had one while she was away at school, and without my sister and i living at home my parents created their own new routine.  With all four of us living at home for a longer period of time, there is inevitably going to be some tension because we all do things different.  With everyone back in their specific rooms it felt as though there was some tension and everyone was going to their specific corner like in a boxing ring.

Now our family is nowhere near as dysfunctional the the family in The Fighter (2010) this film highlighted some great family drama at it's best.  After thinking about how crazy and manipulative the family in that is, I almost have to get down on my knees and thank whoever is out there for giving my family.  Mark Wahlberg whole Micky Ward wants to succeed and become a great boxer but it always seems like his family is holding him back.  His brother Dicky and his mother Alice have such strong opinions that any outsider is seen as someone who is out to get their family.  My family is supportive but smothering.  The Fighter does a good job of showing how even though family can drive you crazy, in the end they are there for you and care about you. That is the end of my soap box.

My family is nothing like this family, but every family has their moments where they get into arguments or intense debates.  Families have their hot button issues, whether that be the value of the family, religion, politics, respect etc.  I think I have to go back and re-watch this movie because I am finding a greater appreciation for what it represents as I write this.

I would like to dedicate this to Alice Ward the mother of Dicky and Micky 
and seven other daughters who past away this year on April 27th.
She worked to be the best mother, may she rest in peace.  Below is video of the actual Alice Ward.

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