Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movies that Put Life into Perspective: She's Having a Baby Edition

Yesterday I went to my second baby shower ever, and on Friday I went shopping for gifts for the baby shower with my friend Drew.  Baby shopping was a whole new world for me.  We ventured into Babies R Us where the women at registry area attempted to be the best saleswoman she could be, but instead ended up taking us on a wild goose chase when we had come up with our own gifts we thought would work best.  I also think I found out that I am far from ready to wanting a child.  Baby shopping was not for me.  On Saturday I drove with Drew to Rhode Island for my friend Jenna's baby show, while I am not a big baby shower guy, and I sure do not get down with the baby games I was happy to see Jenna and Nate on their way to becoming parents.  Watching these two go through this process while Jenna has been pregnant has been a fun experience, they have not freaked out (that I have seen), and they seem ready.  I am sure that there are lots of nerves on the inside, but they will do a great job.

Watching them prepare for this experience and being at the baby shower reminded me of the movies She's Having a Baby (1988).  The film is a product of the great director/writer John Hughes and stars Kevin Bacon (Jake Briggs) and Elizabeth McGovern (Kristy Briggs) as young recently married parents who are expecting a baby.  While the film mainly deals with Jake's immaturity towards impending fatherhood, the final moments of the film reveal his growth throughout the film, and his love for his wife, and their soon to be child.    The film is funny, and heartwarming like most John Hugh's films and allows you to see the growth of loves that exists when life changing events happen in people's lives.

I love this film because it makes me think about how I would react toward having a baby at the moment not my friends. The film also makes me think about just how much a baby can change.  As I was typing this I was thinking about inviting my friends out to dinner, or to the movies, and while these things are simple now they can be completely turned around when you throw a baby into the equation.  Now that I have gotten the Debbie Downer out of me, I am excited to be an "uncle" to this baby, and more excited for Jenna and Nate because they are going to be great parents.  Parenthood is an interesting road, one with peaks and valleys, but one thing is for sure that these two will have one precious bundle of joy that will love them forever when Edmund (their son's name) is born.

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