Friday, July 6, 2012

Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

This category is filled with a lot of new faces this year, mainly because many of the potential returners shows lost me.  There is no Tina Fey, Laura Linney, or Edie Falco, but this is the strongest I have seen this category in years.  These six women are some of the funniest/wittiest women on television today.

Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe in Enlightened-I have to start with the statement, I hate this show!  The show made me me honestly cringe, and feel as though I never connected to the plot or the characters.  With that said Dern is fantastic in this role, and I would not want to begrudge the great work she did as a woman who has a breakdown only to come back spiritually enlightened.  The problem with individual spiritual enlightenment is that when you return to your real life the people around you have not had the same experiences.  Watch Amy navigate this experience, and also try and be more self assured is hilarious but also sad, great performance.

Zooey Deschanel as Jess in New Girl-Jess is is the perfect quirky girl; she started out the first episode breaking up with her boyfriend and moving in with three "bros" the plot sounds formulaic, and to an extent it is, but Deschanel is one of the cutest/funniest actresses on television today.  Watching Jess pretend to be Nick's girlfriend at a wedding so they could make his ex jealous was one of my favorite moments of the season.  Nick wants Jess to be normal, but there is no fighting the quirk and the changing the chemistry between these two.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss as Vice President Selena Meyer in Veep-Watching the Vice President have a pregnancy scare, mock an elected Asian official, and try and get legislation passed that the President kills are only three of the reasons this new show has hit it out of the park.  Veep is one of the funniest new shows of the season, and thanks largely to comedic timing of Julia Louis Dreyfuss.  Dreyfuss is one of the funniest women in television from Seinfeld to this; she has created fun new roles that make you want laugh so hard you pee your pants.  This is the role of a lifetime, and they picked the right person.

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in Girls-Like or hate this show Dunham is one of young rising stars on television today, and her television series explores a new generation of young women today.  Dunham wrote and directed the entire first half of this first season.  Writing is her strength, but I am particularly wowed by the way she puts it all out there when she acts.  There is a natural ability she has to be frank with her character Hannah, and this allows her writing to shine, and for us to think she may be a little selfish and spoiled too.  Hannah is hilarious, and watching her debate with her parents why they should give her money and support her is one classic scene. 

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation-Another great season for Poehler!  Leslie Knope ran for office without the help of an official team (and won).  In the middle she tried to win over an average joe voter, started dating broke up with, and started dating Ben again, she tried to get on her feet, and all in all this was one of the most fun rides for a strong comedic female character.  Knope was initially looking to be a rip off of Michael Scott, but they went in a new direction, and gave her character a beautiful heart.  Poehler is a comedic genius, and watching her navigate every step of the election was so much fun, mainly because she is one of the funniest ladies working.

Martha Plimpton as Virginia Chance in Raising Hope-Martha Plimpton is one talented lady, she plays this role so well, and I love her as an actress.  My favorite episode entitled "Poking Holes in the Story was one of her funniest moments of the season where she takes a job as a live in house and child sitter when she realizes all of Hope's toys have been recalled.  Plimpton is a riot, and she continues to be one the the many reasons to continue watching this show.

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