Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Comedy Series

This is my second to last dream ballot, which is one week away from the live Emmy nominations announcement.  Unlike in the the drama category there were a handful of series in their first season that had a great shot at entering into this category.  Shows like Girls, Veep, New Girl, and Enlightened all have chances at a nomination.  On my ballot I picked Girls, but Emmy voters are likely to go for Veep in the Comedy series category because of the topic and pedigree of the show.  30 Rock is out in all of my categories because this year was finally too weak to fit into my own personal categories, but the show will still make it into the Emmy's (out of habit).  Community should be the NBC show that replaces 30 Rock.  Two sad sack comedians have shows jockeying for a spot in this category as well, Louis C.K. and Larry David.  Both would be deserving, and looking at this long list it proves that comedy ruled this year,

The Big Bang Theory-This is is only the only traditional series within this race.  The Big Bang Theory is one of the only sitcom like shows on the air that reminds audiences why sitcoms were great.  Week after week we join the foursome of dorks and their ladies on their wacky adventures which center around academia (mainly science), comics, video games, and the Cheesecake Factory.  Leonard finally admitted Amy was his girlfriend, a big step for the socially incapable Leonard.  The funniest storyline which made this show great this year wedding of Howard Wolowitz to Bernadette.  While Howard is not usually used to the best of the shows ability, Big Bang finally made the characters story arc one of the best on the show, and it worked well.           

Community-Probably the funniest show this season.  Community started out their season slow taking the Greendale 7 to Biology class together, but the series soon hit it out the park with some of their best episodes.  In "Remedial Chaos Theory" the gang explores the possibility of seven different timelines while they play yahtzee, which made for some hilarious television.  Then watching the gang through the lens of Britta tell scary stories and try to figure out which of the group is a pyscopath.  The show hit it out of the park this year with their Law & Order spoof, filling in for the glee club, helping Dean Pelton film a commercial for Greendale, and ultimately entering a nintendo like RPG.  Episode after episode this season this show was on fire!

Girls-A show about privilege, that tackles the hilarious situations of creator, writer, director, and star Lena Dunham in the role of Hannah Horvitz.  Hannah is surrounded by her three friends Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Krke), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), each lady has their own story by like within other girl centered shows, but the self obsessed Hannah is  central.  Each of these girls is flawed, Marnie thinks she is above everything, Jessa is independent yet clueless, Shoshanna is desperate to fit into the different roles she thinks she should fit, and Hannah our heroine never gives herself the credit or esteem to be self suffiecient.  These characters and this show sound horrible, but with Dunham at the center creatively she weaves all of the qualities into one of the most uniquely witty, and most innovative comedies of the year.  Walking in on your parents naked in the shower, nuff said.
Louie-Louis C.K. balances the comedy and pain of everyday life brilliantly, one of my favorite moments from this season is when his sister comes to stay with him (she’s pregnant) and she starts screaming in the middle of the night.  Louie’s neighbors come to his rescue, he does not know these two men, but one of them goes with him to the hospital meanwhile one stays with his two young daughters.  As the doctor’s start to furiously work on his sister she lets out a massive fart, and her screaming subsides.  I did one of the biggest belly laughs I have ever done.  When Louie gets home you are still laughing from the heart, but you still find the beauty in the connection he makes with his neighbors.  The central theme to this show is the balance of these two elements from Louie’s failure in sitcom to his daily struggle with love and fatherhood.  This show knocks it out the park because of the star and creator Louis C.K.

Modern Family-While the show has started to plateau in terms of creativity the show is still one of the funniest one television.  For the Dumphy’s the show centered around Claire running for city council, Haley potentially heading off to college and the family dealing with this, and Phil just being Phil.  Cam and Mtchell dealt with Lily growing up, her swearing, and potentially wanting another child.  Meanwhile the Pritchertt’s dealt mostly with the growth of Jay as he danced ballet on stage with his granddaughter, and took one magical trip to Disney.  The show is hilarious and creates these infectious moments about love and family that are incredibly meaningful.

Parks and Recreation-Vote for Leslie! Leslie Knope for office.  Amy Poehler and the ensemble at this show are one of the best working teams on comedy.  The show focused on Leslie’s election for city council; she tackled a lot of different obstacles from a relationship with her boss, getting dropped by her team, facing the town’s golden boy Bobby Newport and his hot shot campaign manager, losing Ben, trying to walk a red carpet on an ice rink that was too short, all on the road to winning her election.  What a hilarious journey.  Her team at the office of Parks and Rec had their own great moments, with Ron frisking Swanson confronting all the Tammy’s in his life, Andy and April finding their passion, and adjusting to married life with a three legged dog.  Ann and Tom started to date, Chris dealing with imperfection, Jerry being Jerry, Donna treating herself, and Ben embracing his dork dressing up as batman, and finding his groove as Leslie’s campaign manager.

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