Friday, September 30, 2011

Bridesmaids Revisited: It's a Fritz Bernaise Ladies!

On my way down to Manhattan I put one DVD in my computer and that was Bridesmaids.  While writing about wedding movies I do not know how I could have forgotten about one of my favorite funny movies.  I asked my friends who have been maid of honor or bridesmaids or even brides if they had similar moments like in the film.

My one friend Emily I work with said she had a similar situation at a wedding a la her being the Annie character (Wiig) and this bridesmaid being the Helen character, the girl who tried to use her connections and step in to wow the bride.

The interesting thing about weddings is how stressful they can become, and that is mostly because of money or family influence.  Obviously in the film it had to do more with money and changing friendship.  When Emily told me her story it made me think about my friends, and the weddings I would going to in the future, and how friendships do change (Helen is more right in the film).  How do we as friends maintain a close relationship as our friends move forward and I move forward in different places?

Wiig's character Annie and Rudolph's character Lillian Rudolph still have a close relationship, but there is a divide that begins.  The move farther a part, they become part of different social classes, they have new friendships, and of course there is the marriage factor.  Once people become part of a couple their single friends often do not lose their place but their role becomes different.  Couples like to do things with other couples for some reason.  Sure, the singles will still be invited, but their role in the other person's life changes somewhat (different degrees with different people).

To be fair the film is not that deep, but it got me thinking deeper, which is a high achievement for a film where the characters shit in a sink, and make people laugh non-stop.  For me this is one of the most entertaining movies of the year, and I hope they don't make a sequel and ruin the effect of the film.

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