Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Biggest Emmy Snubs of All Time (Emmy Week)

This upcoming Sunday the 64th annual Emmy Awards will be held on FOX and hosted by Glee star Jane Lynch.  Throughout the shows history they have awarded some of the best shows history, they have also forgot some of the best shows in television history.  I am going to start my Emmy week blogothan by talking about the shows and actors the Emmy's have forgotten as both nominees and winners.

The Nominees who Never Won

Steve Carell's Michael Scott belongs on this list.  As a six time nominee Carell has never won for his portrayal of The Office's boss, and this is a crime!  Love or hate him Carell is hilarious in this role and he has helped create one of the most memorable characters in television history.  Carell has one last shot (and a good one) to rectify the past losses this year.

Another nominee that never became a winner was Jason Alexander's George Costanza in Seinfeld.  Alexander played a version of Larry David better than Larry David could; he was sharp, witty, and often the butt of the joke.  Michael Richards was awarded twice for his role as Kramer; he was more like able while George was far more dislike able, but Alexander played him so well!

Six Feet Under (and the actors).  What a terrific existential show.  It made me think, cry and laugh.  I loved this show, and it should have won for its first season.  The actors from the show Rachel Griffiths, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, and Peter Krause should all have statues above their mantle, but this show was too dark for the Emmy voters.

The Shows and Actors that Never got Invited 

The Wire season oneWhile everyone was talking about either The Sopranos or Six Feet Under (in regards to HBO) the critics always sang the praises of the HBO cop drama The Wire.  The Wire is one of the most under appreciated shows in television history.  The Wire only received two writing nominations in its entire run about the Baltimore drug scene, seen through the eyes of the drug dealers and the cops.  The show deserved so much more!
Buffy and Giles talking in 'Tabula Rasa'

Buffy the Vampire, and its star Sarah Michelle Gellar were passed over throughout the shows entire seven season run.  The only somewhat major nomination the show received was one writing nomination for an episode entitled "Hush" where most of the cast did not even speak.  This show fell pray to the curse of being on less respected networks the WB and UPN, and also being a campy silly vampire show.  This show was so much more and deserved at least to be nominated as did Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Gellar's portrayal of the heroin Buffy Summers was so brutal and honest that the campy vampire fighting was often hidden by the realism of the struggles in everyday life.

Gilmore Girls (including Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop).  Was it a drama or comedy?  The category placement of this show was always murky, but that should not have prevented voters from honoring one of the best television shows ever!  Graham was full of grace and charm as Lorelai Gilmore, while Kelly Bishop was irrevrent with wonderful comic timing as her mother Emily Gilmore.  The fast paced dialogue was so wonderful.  This may be one of the smartest shows ever.  I hate that they did not even honor it in the writing category, the one category at the Emmy Awards that seems to reward different shows.

There are so many shows and actors who should have won or been nominated for these awards, but this is the list that bothers me the most.  Many of these shows do not need the rewards they have their fan base that will honor and remember how great these performances and shows were.

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