Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Premiere Week Reviews: What Shows Shined and What Fell Flat

I love the Fall for several reasons: pumpkin and apple flavored everything is one of the best reasons.  I went to Brunch this past Sunday and had pumpkin flavored pancakes, and then had apple cider.  The fall is also the time when television shows launch their fall television line ups.  During this time period I test out my returning shows, and try out some new shows also.  This is where I determine what shows to give up on and what shows to add.  At the moment it looks like I will continue with all of my returning shows and add a new show or two, which is not ideal to my night time agenda, but here we go!

Tuesday September 13th

The Ringer (CW) Apart from the terrible green screen shot, this show's camp elements and wonderfully casted Sarah Michelle Gellar had a solid start.  Even after the second episode a week later I was still hooked.  I think this is a show I am going to continue to make sure is part of my weekly agenda. Grade: B

Monday September 19th

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)  This show has lost steam.  I am going to continue to watch, only because I am invested in the characters, and I become more invested in characters in sitcoms, because they tend to stay throughout the run of a show (unlike procedural dramas-see Law & Order: SVU listed below) Grade: C

2 Broke Girls (CBS) I love Kat Dennings but between the first and second weeks this show has lost me.  Dennings is hilarious and this show seemse tailor made for her, but I am not sold that it has lasting premise with a terrible supporting cast. Grade: C- Dennings: B+

Tuesday September 20th

Glee (FOX) The show bounced back mildly from a flat second season.  The story lines were linear, the songs were on key, and they cut excess characters.  The show tends to start things and not finish them, and I hope this season changes that pattern.  I still think they are having a hard time writing for Jane Lynch. Grade: B

The New Girl (FOX)  I loved the show.  Zooey Deschannel is my girl crush and her quirky awkward sense of humor mixed with bro humor is a perfect match.  The shows characters are solid, and the premise works! Grade: A-

Wednesday September 21st

Modern Family (ABC) There were funny moments, but the vacation episode felt more novelty, and that ABC wanted to collaborate with The Middle's vacation theme.  The second episode was solid as well.  This is a well crafted show, and the characters are great. Grade: B

Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit (NBC) This show without Stabler is missing something, and the network should have known that.  No new characters can alleviate the void.  The problem with procedurals is that characters matter!  The show is longer full of as much energy as it used to. Grade: D

Thursday September 22nd

Community (NBC)  I love this show, but the start wasn't not as exciting as it could have been.  I think this show always picks up as the season progresses, and I hope that is the case.  Otherwise, I may be saying goodbye to Greendale! Grade: B-

Parks and Recreation (NBC) Parks and Recreation had a solid start.  The Leslie story had a lot of heart.  Ann being sent penises from members of city hall was a riot, especially with the reaction the Jerry from the doctor.  Ron Swanson was also great as Ron fucking Swanson, and Tammy 1 stole the ending! Grade: B+

Sunday September 25th

The Good Wife (CBS) I have to applaud this show.  Every year this show starts and has a new energy.  The characters are great, and part of me wishes Kelli Giddish stayed with this show instead of SVU, but alas she chose poorly.  I like the courtroom drama, but this new tension between Peter and Alicia, and the chemistry between Alicia and Will is going to be dynamite. Grade:A-

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