Saturday, October 1, 2011

October: Must See Movies and Movies to Skip!

Today is the first day of October, and I did not see many films in September, but I was right on with my predictions.  Drive was a great film, the best films I saw in September.  I want to still see Moneyball and 50/50, but have not gotten around to see them.  I did get around to seeing The Lion King re-released in 3-D, which brought me around to my childhood.  I hope to see 50/50 this week, but now that October has started I have to make my game plan, and help you make some good decisions.

October 7th 

Mindless Action vs. Thought Provoking Political Drama (I pick the obvious choice): 

Must See: The Ides of March starring (and directed by) George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti looks to be the best film of October.  The Ides of March is my pick of the month, and ironically stars Ryan Gosling like last months must see film.  I have been looking forward to this film and I think it will not disappoint. I think Real Steel looks awful.

Skip It!: Hugh Jackman's stars in Rock'em Sock'em robots the movie (Real Steal-the actual title).  This film looks just awful!

October 14th

The Horror begins for the Month of Halloween with the scary movie, The Thing and another terrible Nicolas Cage film.

Must See: The only film that looks worth my time is Pedro Almodovar's La piel que habito or The Skin I Live In starring Antonio Banderas.  This film looks dark and twisted, and I am hoping Almodovar is back to making better films.

Skip it!: Where do I start?  The Thing looks stupid, while Footloose (the re-make) is pointless, while the combination of Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson looks painful, and Nicolas Cage and Kidman are starring in a Joel Schumacher film that looks worse than the re-make of Footloose called Trespass.

October 21st:

Things get even scarier with with Paranormal Activity 3, a Three Musketeers Movie, and Red State a movie about conservatives.  My close call for pick of the month is Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Must See: Martha Marcy May Marlene looks so great, and the trailer is perfect because it provides the right amount of information without giving too much away.  The movie follows a girl as she tries to assimilate back to her family after she was a part of a cult.

On the Fence: I liked Paranormal Activity 1 and 2, but I am not sure if this series will go downhill like the Saw series.   Paranormal Activity 3 may just be a movie I see because of the Halloween season.

Skip It!: The Three Musketeers and Red State look scary bad, and a waste of my time!

October 28th:

Might be a weekend I just Trick or Treat!

On the Fence:  In Time has potential and Timberlake is gaining leading man status, but I am not sold on this film.  I think The Rum Diary trailer makes this look like an incredibly commercial film (and my prediction a flop), Fear and Loathing was good, but I do not buy this follow with all the delays and post production problems.

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