Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmys Awards Go with the Shock and Snooze, While Jane Lynch brings the laughs

The 63rd Emmy Awards were a mixed bag.  Jane Lynch is honestly one funny lady, her opening segment (which was taped); she was not meant to sing and dance, which they joked about, but she still should not have done it.  My favorite joke of the night was "The reason I knew I was a lesbian, the cast of Entourage."  Lynch proves that simple works, and it worked best when she was telling jokes (take not award show producers).

Jane Lynch hosting the Emmy awards

The production value of the show along with the sound etc was just plain awful. The rag tag band of glee club members singing to introduce the songs was terrible, and just pointless.  The highlight of the Michael Bolton number was funny, but pointless.  Mark Burnett is clearly a reality television show producer and if award shows continue down this terribly produced track, count me out (I say that now).  I am glad Lynch was the host her emcee skills made this far more watchable than it could have been.  The pacing of the show started strong with the Emmy awards in the comedy categories (I will discuss the winners in a few), but then chose to take an odd placement letting the miniseries/movie category be last.  I was thoroughly bored the presentation of these awards, and I think they could cut down the awards presented in these categories.  I would not block off the announcement into blocks.  I would go supporting then variety then writing and directing categories than lead than close with series (like they used to.)

The comedy winners were overall pretty interesting.  The wins for Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen were deserved.  Bowen's win was more of a surprise because people talk about Vergara more (like in the show), but she is a truly great comedienne.  Melissa McCarthy winning was the biggest shock I have ever seen at this award show, especially in this category; she can thank Bridesmaids for her win.  Parson's repeating was something i feared, as this is category the Academy gets lazy in, and now the Emmys are the idiots who did not award Steve Carell and Martin Sheen with Emmys for playing the best bosses. Modern Family won in the writing and directing categories, and also for best series.  The show took home five awards tonight, making it the most honored show of the night.

The drama categories were basically all surprises tonight, except for lead actress and supporting actress.  Many people predicted Julianna Marguilles, Margo Martindale, and Martin Scorsese for directing to win.  Friday Night Lights took home two trophies for Best Writing (the series finale) and Kyle Chandler won the best actor category, which I was surprised about both.  Supporting Actor was also a shock, I thoroughly expected John Slattery to finally win, but Game of thrones reaped a major award with Peter Dinklage.  Mad Men winning in the best drama series category was surprising for several reasons, it lost every award tonight, and only won one other award at the Creative Arts Emmys in Hairstyling this year.

Mad Men's win is proof that within the major series categories there is a flaw, while great surprising wins happened in every other category.  Mad Men picked up a fourth trophy meanwhile other shows should have potentially dethroned it this year.  I love Mad Men, and would never begrudge this show, but I think its win proves that there may be a flaw in the series category.

Overall this was an interesting night, and i love this award show because I can be surprised about the winners and not know them pretty much a month in advance like with the Oscars.  While the production value of the show was not the best Lynch was great, and the winners provided some surprise, and made the show worth watching.

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