Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tune In or Tune Out: Camp (NBC)

Camp (NBC)
Created by: Liz Heldens (Friday Night Lights), Peter Elkoff (Ugly Betty) 
Starring: Rachel Griffiths, Tom Green, and Tim Pocock

I never went to camp when I was a child, well overnight camp in the woods, and I thank my parents for that daily.  I am also glad I have no association with this show, although I guess I would be making more money than I do at my current job.

The premise of Camp is simple, the rich camp with the frat boys versus the poorer camp with the "outcasts." There are talent shows, crafts, counselors trying to sleep with one another, and a single mom whose life is crumbling.  I feel as though Mrs. Potts should be singing "Tale as Old as Time" in the background.

The show has a cast full of relative unknowns, except for television star and sometimes movie player Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Brothers and Sisters).  This material is WAY below the talent that she has an actress, the writing is bad, and while there are moments when you want this to be a guilty pleasure, and it could be, there is not even enough kitsch to live within that category.  This is going to be a quick summer burn off for NBC, it has the premise to be a good summer show, just not the stamina.

Tune Out!...Never Tune In

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