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Emmy Dream Ballot: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (2012-2013)

Much like the year without a Santa Clause, this is the first year without a supporting actor from Modern Family.  Modern Family is still a solid show, but the show and its actors have hit a plateau, Phil is still the goofy dad, Mitch and Cam still have some of the best quips, and Jay remains old and cranky.

While none of those men made my final list this was the toughest comedy category to narrow down this year.  I could have had ten nominees in this category, proving that even though it may be a tough job constantly supporting these men are up to the task time and time again!

Will Arnett as Gob Bluth in Arrested Development

The MVP of Development's return on Netflix.  Both of the Gob episodes were some of the funniest television episodes I have seen all year, and while the writing had a lot to do with that funny, Arnett deserves a lot of credit.  Arnett has starred, and guest starred in numerous roles in a post Development on Fox, pre-Netflix era, and while Devon Banks (30 Rock) was a great character, nothing comes close to Arnett's portrayal of Gob.  Watching him pretend to be gay, while actually maybe being gay with Ben Stiller proved to be comic genius.  His magic trick to get out of his wedding to Ann rocked too.  Arnett is great and he deserves a nomination.

Max Greenfield as Ted Schmidt New Girl

Watching Schmidt fight for CeCe, and find himself more and more this year was a great acting achievement for Max Greenfield.  Schmidt needed to go back to his roots with Elizabeth (Merrit Wever) find himself and no longer cling to what he thought made him desirable to women.  There were of course other moments earlier on where he realized he need to have feelings for someone in order to have hot sex again, which was hilarious to watch Schmidt realize how feelings make sex even better.  Greenfield is great at this role, and this season showed more growth in Schmidt, making him a richer, and even funnier character,  Greenfield is a rock star at playing this bro!

Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory

Howard in spaaaaace! Loved watching Howard journey through the depths of space being teased, dealing with his paranoia, and then of course being a newlywed and potentially moving out of his mother's house.  Helberg has grown well as an actor, and given further depth to this character throughout the years, watching him interact with his father-in-law who only answers things in short sentences is priceless. Helberg is great in this role, and after six seasons finally deserves a place on this list as one of the funniest supporting actors in television.

Alex Karpovsky as Ray Plonshansky in Girls

On a show centered around, well let's say, girls without any digs about how shallow and self absorbed they, oh wait whoops, Ray is one of the most interesting characters on the show.  At the beginning of season Shoshanna was dealing with Ray's inability to commit, and Ray dealt with his own hang ups. Karpovsky's Ray soon comitted and became the man Shossanna wanted, delving into the relationship world.  Karpovsky was brilliant as Ray this season adding a little more depth to his sarcasm from season one.  While most people focused on Hannah's ex Adam, Ray was the boy in this show who provided the most heart and laughs this season.

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation

As Ron meets Diane, there was an instant shine that was added to his character, unlike all the Tammy's Diane was sane, had children, and Ron soon became Ron with a little added care.  As much as Ron could give, with his regular Libertarianism. Watching Ron attempt to help baby sit Diane's two young girls was hilarious, and will provide great context for Ron as a father next season.  Ron's level as protector to Leslie was also upped, especially when he punched Councilmen Jamm who was breaking up Leslie's wedding.  While some will argue a lack of growth in Ron, I see this season as a year of development with one of the greatest Libertarians of all time.

Damon Wayans Jr. as Brad Williams in Happy Endings

Another sad write-up, as Happy Endings has been cancelled.  Brad's character blends the confidence of a great man and the comfort of being able to be stay at home husband with ease, well almost.  Brad was fired from his job at the end of season two, and throughout this season he was a stay at home husband, a hilarious "trophy wife," working at a children's birthday party funplex, amping up Bar Mitzvahs, and then eventually back to business world.  Brad is on funny guy, and I loved getting to watch Damon Wayans Jr. tackle this more fleshed out character, which unlike anyone makes you laugh more than anyone before.  He was the glue to this cast, and this character will be missed.
Happy Endings

Runners Up: Mike White-Enlightened, Ty Burrel-Modern Family

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