Thursday, July 11, 2013

Emmy Dream Ballot: Outstanding Writing and Directing in a Comedy Series (2012-2013)

It's the end of an era.  Two major television comedies, which had a major influence on recent television series ended within the last television cycle, The Office and 30 Rock.  30 Rock ended back in January, and The Office had a huge swan song in May.  Fans, and critics alike are often very critical of the way a show ends, look at Seinfeld.  This series finale had mixed reactions, but has never tarnished the brand of the series, the show is still ranked one of the best of all time.  Many will cite when a show goes out with a whimper or tries too hard, Roseanne, is a good example of this, and the way she pulled the rug out saying the past season or was all within a novel.  Trying too hard to do something that seems cool can fail in a big way.  

This year's series finales were two of the best I have ever seen, they were heart warming, funny, and stayed true to the show's illustrious reputation, and history.  Rarely do you get moments where even when you watch your favorite show ending that make those moments feel complete.  The Golden Girls is the best example, the series finale always makes me cry, in the sense that this show was about four women who found friendship late in life.  I may be getting misty as I write this, but oh well.  Writing and directing a great series finale is a major accomplishment, and both The Office and 30 Rock should be proud of their accomplishment.

On a quick side note Louis C.K. is once again the star within this category, writing and directing a submission, which makes this category.  Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham's are usually cited for their writing, but this year they it's all about their directing some of the best television episodes, and hey Television Academy, I have four females in my directing category, can you at least nominate two?  Or in the words of Bob Barker, "ladies do I hate have two numbers right?"

Outstanding Directing
Arrested Development-Colony Collapse-Mitchell Hurwitz and Troy Miller
Enlightened-The Key-Nicole Holofcener
Girls-It’s About Time-Lena Dunham
Louie-Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1-Louis C.K.
Parks and Recreation-Leslie and Ben-Amy Poehler
30 Rock-Last Lunch-Beth McCarthy Miller

Outstanding Writing
Arrested Development-A New Attitude-Mitch Hurwitz Jim Vallely
Louie-Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1-Louis C.K.
New Girl-Virgins-Elizabeth Merriweather
The Office-Finale-Greg Daniels
Parks and Recreation-Emergency Response-Norm Hiscock and Joe Mande
30 Rock- Last Lunch-Tina Fey and Tracey Wigfield

Veep-Hostages-Armando Ianucci and Sean Grey

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