Sunday, July 7, 2013

Emmy Dream Ballot: Outstanding Guest Actor and Actress in a Comedy Series (2012-2013)

Who would have ever thought David Lynch and Bob Newheart would be, or well should be in the same category for a nomination.  Beyond many interesting inclusions on my dream ballot this year there were two shows who did guest stars right Louie, and Arrested Development.  I do not include Saturday Night Live these are variety performers, not guest stars in a comedy series.

How does or did Louie enhance the role of it's guest stars within season 3?  Louie used  the model of Curb Your Enthusiasm with real life stars like Robin Williams and other comedians, who did not make the list, but they were funny.  Louie also used the crazy girlfriend model, having Louis C.K. date, or look for softened the character, a little, and I emphasize a little.  With edgy, hip women like Parker Posey, and Melissa Leo how could Louie not succeed within this realm?  David Lynch in Late Show Parts 2 and 3 were some of the most brilliant moments from the season.  Louie is an off beat show, these guest stars contributed brilliantly to the quirky humor.

Arrested Development used history, mixed with a few fresh faces to help bring the guest stars into the fold.  One of the best things about this series is the way Development used actors and actresses like Liza Minnelli, Henry Winkley, Scott Baio, Ben Still, Christine Taylor, Ed Begley Jr. and many more within the original run of the series.  Bringing these actors back into the mix for the re-launch, and it worked beautifully, especially Minelli, and Stiller who made my lists.  The other great thing was bringing new blood into the mix, like Ron Howard as more than the narrator, and Isla Fisher playing his daughter.  My favorite were the brief cameos of Kristin Wiig as a young Lucille, in those brief moments she captured everything you imagine a young Lucille would be, and more.

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series
David Lynch-Louie
Bob Newheart-The Big Bang Theory
Rob Reiner-New Girl
Ben Stiller-Arrested Development
Patton Oswalt-Parks and Recreation
Patrick Wilson-Girls

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Elizabeth Banks-Modern Family
Melissa Leo-Louie
Liza Minelli-Arrested Development
Parker Posey-Louie
Molly Shannon-Enlightened
Kristin Wiig-Arrested Development

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