Friday, February 8, 2013

Performer to Watch: Corey Stoll

While Corey Stoll may not be a household name yet, he sure may become one soon.  The first time I became aware of Mr. Stoll was when he portrayed Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.  While Woody's films tend to have stronger female performances, ranging from his ladies Diane Keaton to Penelope Cruz, Stoll stole the film as the larger than life Hemingway.  While no one managed an acting nomination from Midnight in Paris Stoll was clearly an under appreciated performer in the film, and should have gotten more attention.

Stoll recently hit my radar once again in the new original series from Netflix entitled House of Cards.  In House of Cards Stoll plays Representative Peter Russo, a man caught in Francis Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) cross hairs in his master plan to manipulate.  Peter not only navigates the tricky political world but a relationship with a staffer and an addiction to drugs and and alcohol.  As Peter's story evolves I imagine his character will continue to prove Stoll's strong acting abilities.

While Stoll has had numerous small roles/guest starring roles over the years television series like ER, CSI, Without a Trace, The Nine, Law & Order: LA and many more.  Stoll has also landed roles in major action films like Salt, Lucky Number Slevin, and The Bourne Legacy.

Stoll has a few films coming down the line with lots of potential including Decoding Annie Park, Non-Stop, and Glass Chin.  Look for Stoll now in the Netflix original series if you have not started yet!

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