Wednesday, February 27, 2013

March Movies to See or Skip!

I have to admit I did not see a single film in February namely because there was not a single film (maybe except Warm Bodies, which seemed worth my time.  Die Hard was supposedly the worst in the franchise history, Identity Thief may be doing great at the box office, but the film just does not look funny.  There were a few glimmers of hope, but nothing special enough.

March unfortunately does not look much better, and some big hits look like they could be big misses. Could March be better, let's hope, anything has to be better than February. 

March 1st
Jack the Giant Slayer 
21 and Over
The Last Exorcism Part II

Bryan Singer's Jack and the Giant Slayer has only a few reviews out there, and they are solid so far.  Not sure it's a film I am going to run out and see, but it may be pretty solid.  21 and Over looks like last years Project X a waste of time.  How many exorcism movies can their be? Too many!  Stoker looks creepy, but brilliant, one film which may not get enough attention this year.

March 8th 
Oz the Great and Powerful

This film reminds me of the Burton produced Alice in Wonderland, only from the mind another twisted (in mostly a good way) visionary Sam Raimi.  I love the cast, but this looks like it could take the Oz world into a bland direction, full of miscast folks i.e. James Franco.  

March 15th 
The Call 
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Ginger & Rosa

Does Halle Berry even try anymore?  The Call looks awful, and the only way she must get work is based on her looks.  Wonderstone looks weak, Jim Carrey has not had a good film in years.  Ginger & Rosa looks incredible, and I will make sure I get to see this film! Elle Fanning is much superior to her sister.

March 22nd
Olympus has Fallen
The Croods
The Sapphires

Red Dawn the Korean invasion of the White House, or Olympus has Fallen.  Nice to see Butler do an action film, that's his wheel house, same way it is for someone like Stallone.  This could Air Force One, or Air Farce One.  I love Tina Fey and Paul Rudd but Admission looks contrived  and Paul Weitz last great film was 10 years ago.  The Croods looks like one of those winter animated films I will skip but families will show up in droves.  The Sapphires got some good word or mouth and looks worth  checking out!

March 29th 
G.I. Joe Retaliation 
The Host
The Place Beyond the Pines 
Tyler Perry's Temptation

G.I. Joe tried once will adding Willis, and keeping Tatum save the franchise, financially probably.  The Hose is another crappy love story from Stephanie Meyer with aliens instead of vampires, gag me.  The Place Behind the Pines could be too melodramatic based on the preview, and the honor of movie that looks the worst goes to Tyler Perry's Temptation.

See: Ginger & Rosa, The Sapphires Olympus Has Fallen, Stoker
Skip: 21 and Over, The Call, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The Host, and Tyler Perry's Temptation

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