Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Madonna Proves why People L-U-V her with MDNA Tour

Last night i had the privilege of seeing Madonna for the first time in concert.  I have loved the Queen of pop since I was young boy.  My first CD that I ever bought or received as a gift was The Immaculate Collection her first greatest hits CD.  I have every CD she has made since then (even American Life).  Not having seen her I knew I needed to break down and get tickets to her show.  Last February when tickets went on sale I spared no expense, and have been eagerly anticipating her show since then.  One of the things that kept me on the edge of my seat, was well, where my seats were.  When you purchase through the VIP Live Nation site you do not find out until the night of the show.  The picture below shows just how close I was, I gasped.

At around 9:00 her opening DJ came out and did some spinning for about an hour.  The DJ was Joe Bermudez; he got the crowd pumped spinning tracks ranging from David Guetta and Sia's "Bulletproof" to Rihanna's "We Found Love."  Bermudez was a fun and entertaining way to prepare for the main event.

Madonna's elaborate opening entitle The Prayer Overture: An Act of Contrition set this tone using her own Catholic past, which she has rebelled against.  In my head all I kept thinking was 'Oh my God Madonna, Oh my God, Madonna!'  With that said Madonna came out with her own words stating "Oh my God, and went into one of the most fun on her recent album MDNA entitle "Girls Gone Wild."  Madonna followed up this with an incredibly choreographed number with another MDNA track "Revolver"; she paraded around the stage with guns and her gals, but also danced and shot her dancers with a fake gun while blood spattered in the electronic background (what great visual effects).

Throughout the night Madonna continued to wow, with her moves, and stage theatrics.  Each part of the show was broken down in parts that connected her most recent music from MDNA to a lot of her classic songs like "Papa Don't Preach" "Vogue" and "Like a Virgin."  One of my favorite moments of the night  was during the Madonna's majorettes section when she had drummers come in who were hanging on wires from the ceiling, so crazy!  I also love having her blend her song "Express Yourself" with Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."  I remember when Gaga's track was released, my friends and I asked "Isn't this just Madonna's Express Yourself?"  I wonder if the Queen was asserting her dominance here?  I like Gaga, but I was happy Madonna did this.

The MDNA tour is for true fans who have followed Madge from the beginning to the present!  Madonna fans who love her early work may be disappointed (although they shouldn't) that they do not get to see see more classic Madonna.  The MDNA tour is about her exploring further cultures, and her evolution with her current album MDNA, which she performed every track on the album.  One woman sitting behind me stated she had listened to the album once, but did not buy it, and that she was excited for classic Madonna.  I did not get to ask her her thoughts on the concert, but I am curious if the Queen lived up to her expectation.  I am sure she did.

Pop concerts like this are some of the most fun experiences, and this show did not disappoint! Madonna knows how to keep her fans happy, be true to her own artistic sensibility, and create one hell of an entertaining show.  Madonna stated that she had been in the industry for 30 years!  The fact that she put on a show that kept her going for 2 hours with intense dancing, and topping Britney Spears who is at least 20 years younger than her is no small feat.  People say so much about this woman, but she is one of the biggest pop stars ever, and last night's concert proved this fact!

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