Monday, September 3, 2012

In Memoriam: Michael Clarke Duncan

Today the Oscar nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan passed away at the young age of 54, from a heart attack he suffered seven weeks ago.  Michael Clarke Duncan broke into acting late in life, but soon became a large presence in film and in television.

Duncan started out his career as a bit player in some sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Living Single, and The Jaimee Foxx Show.  1998's Armageddon proved to prove that this big guy had the chops to take on more fun/action roles.  One year later he starred in the Best Picture nominee The Green Mile, where he himself also received and Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as a convict accused of committing a crime, while he gentle soul speaks to depth of his actual soul.  This role would be his only Academy Award nomination, but lead to a larger number of supporting roles/voice work.

Duncan's booming voice has be proven to be one of the many factors that landed him roles in in the animated television series and films Spider-Man, Jimmy Neutron, Kim Possible, Brother Bear (and many more).  Duncan's beefy build has also landed him numerous roles in big budget action flicks like The Scorpion King, Sin City and Daredevil.

Duncan also landed a role on the television series The Finder, which was a spin-off of the television series Bones.  Unfortunately The Finder did not have the same success as Bones, and was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Duncan has a series of films that are set to released this year, and next so we have not seen the last of him, but this is a sad, and surprising loss.

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