Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flashback Music of the Week: Celebration with Madonna Tonight and that Move-In is Done!

I am going to see Madonna in concert for the first time, and I am beyond excited to finally get to see her!  I was trying to think of a song of hers that celebrated her music, and my excitement that RA training, and new student move-in was over.  What better than one of her most recent songs on her third greatest hits album Celebration!

While Celebration is not one of my favorite Madonna songs, and I loathe Akon.  This song fits my mood at the moment.  RA training provides some of the longest working days of the year during the year, working 12 hour days often from 8:30 am until 9 at night.Throughout this entire time I am also preparing my building to be ready for 404 first year students, and 56 upper class students to move into their perspective buildings.  Once RA training ends we go right into move in and there is no chance to re-cooperate.  Throughout the last week I have been working some long days, and yesterday was my last official day.  I celebrated yesterday with a nap, and going to bed early.  The real celebration comes tonight!  Last March I decided to treat myself to seeing the Queen of Pop Madonna.  

I am ready for a true Celebration tonight, and even though the song is only three years old it fits my mood, and I am beyond excited I have finished one of my last fall move ins!  Time to celebrate.

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