Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Preview

Last year I highlighted the show returning that I am was anticipating, and the new shows I was excited about or had potential.  Of the four new 2 were cancelled (Terra Nova, The Ringer), one is now more of a mini-series or hybrid (American Horror Story), and NBCs Up All Night, was not must see television except for Maya Rudolph.

What exciting things lie ahead for this fall television season?


Once Upon a Time-The curse is lifted, and magic has become unleashed on Storybrook.  The trailer for the new season looks action packed/exciting.  I am ready to see some of my favorite fairy tale characters return, and also watch some new ones grace the screen! (8 pm on ABC starts Sunday September 30th)

The Good Wife-Carey is back at Lockheart/Gardener, Kahlinda's ex husband is in the picture, and Alicia and Peter have started to have a much more cordial relationship.  All of this along with Lockheart/Gardener facing financial difficulty will bring viewers to edge of their seat as Peter seeks to be elected to the governorship. (9 pm on CBS starts on September 30th)

Dexter-Deb knows! There is no turning back, Dexter's dark secret has been discovered by his sister, where does the dark messenger go now?  Can he outsmart her, so many burning questions (9 pm on Showtime starts on September 30th)

Revenge-The haunting ending of season one still plays back in my mind.  Did Victoria Grayson go down with the plane?  Meeting Amanda's mother is going to be on intense roller coaster ride.  Faux Amanda is really pregnant.  Did Charlotte overdose?  This soapy night time drama has a lot to live up to. (10 pm on ABC starts September 30th)

Homeland-Watching the first two minutes proved why this is the most bankable program on Showtime.  Carrie is doing well and out of the CIA, but how long can she really stay away?  Brody is a congressman, and a potential VP candidate.  How will this cat and mouse meet again? (10 pm on Showtime starts on September 30th)

The Walking Dead-Last season ended with some shocking revelations, and some surprising zombie-fications.  The second part of season 2 was much darker, and it looks like the show has only one direction to go, dark! (10 pm on AMC starts on October 14th)


How I Met Your Mother-Barney is going to marry Robin, but first we have to watch his relationship with Quinn fall apart.  Lilly and Marshall are parents.  The most important question is why have we not met the damn mother?  Time for this show to make good on the title.(8 pm on CBS starts September 24th)

Partners (new show)- The other LGBT show from Ryan Murphy was a flop, let's see how this one from the creators of Will and Grace does.  I am betting this one will do well in the ratings because of the CBS comedy strong hold, but will it be good? (8:30 pm on CBS starts September 24th)

Revolution (new show)-Another J.J. Abrams creation set in a world where technology has gone away.  Will Gus Fring be enough to save this show?  I feel like this show relies too much on a gimmick, and will not just let the plot unfold. (10 pm on NBC starts September 17th)


Happy Endings-This show has been missing for way too long.  It will be AMAHZING when it returns so I can watch Brad look for a job, while Jane takes on another.  I love watching Penny's love life too; she tries so hard, and gets so many laughs.  Dave and Alex are looking for an apartment together, will it last ?Love this great comedy. (9 pm on FOX starts October 23rd)

New Girl-The return of the quirk!  Nick moved out to be with his girlfriend, and the gang has to try and cope with this.  Schmidt is newly single ladies, so look out, and Jess is on the market, can't wait to watch her have a slew of awkward dates! (9 pm on FOX starts September 25th)

The Mindy Project (new show) Mindy Kailing is on funny lady, and of the new network comedies this show looks to have the most promise.  I am excited to watch this hopeless romantic struggle to search for love! (9:30 pm on FOX starts September 25th)


Arrow-The CW has done the super hero genre well on the small screen, and this show looks to prove to keep up the strong tradition, way to capitalize on a genre!  (8 pm on the CW starts October 10th)

Modern Family-Gloria pregnant, sign me up!  Having more adventures with the Dunphies and Pritchertts is always a good time.  (9 pm on ABC starts September 26th)

Nashville-Nashville could be this years Revenge, the soapy night time drama that just gets it right, the cast is great, and I think this could be one fun show. (10 pm on the CW starts October 10th)

American Horror Story-The show that added the chill that ran down your spine returns with some truly terrfying story from an insane asylum.  Most of the cast is returning, but the story is new, this should be good!
(10 pm on FX starts October 17th)


30 Rock-The last season will be upon us soon.  Liz seems happy in her relationship, hopefully that will last.  Jack's story ended weird last year, I hope they come up with some quality stuff for the gang at TGS to close things out well. (8 pm on NBC starts October 4th)

The Office-Another show in its last season, NBC is losing two major players at the end of this season.  After Michael Scott left this show lost a lot of character.  Greg Daniels has promised a lot for this final season, and I hope the ending pays off.

Grey's Anatomy-Did everyone whose left survive the plane crash?  Eric Dane is leaving the show so odds are that Mark has been hit hard.  Arizona's fate is still up in the air.  What doctors will stay at Seattle Grace and how will they cope as attendings. (9 pm on ABC starts September 27th)

Glee-In true Ryan Murphy style the show has become fractured, and lost its purpose caring too much about actors and big names, like Kate Hudson, and Sarah Jessica Parker. This show is getting to the boot from my TiVo, but give it a try if you dare. (9 pm on ABC starts September 13th)

Parks and Recreation-A march onto DC, as Ben becomes a big time campaign major, Leslie steps up to city council and the parks department will need to take a new direction as Leslie leaves.  I am proud of this show for evolving smartly. (9 pm on ABC starts September 20th)

Scandal-Who is Quinn?  What deep secret is she hiding?  The show left with some major cliffhangers, and spoilers surrounding Olivia Pope and crew.  Shona knows how how to pulp up the drama. (10 pm on ABC starts September 27th)


Community-Friday is usually a dead night, but now that it has Community, I actually will have a Friday night show.  This will most likely be the last year for the Greendale 7, I hope the new show runner who has replaced Dan Harmon can fill his shoes. (8:30 pm on NBC starts October 19th)

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