Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Tribute to Great Films: Clue (1985)

Great is a subjective term, but Clue is one of my favorite films of all time, has been ever since I was young child.  I was obsessed with the board game, and loved murder mysteries, I wonder if that says anything about me, moving on.  As I grew up the film became funnier with each viewing because I was finally able to grasp most of the jokes.  This morning I avoided the sweltering heat, and laid down in watch.

The film centers around six people who were invited to a big mansion because each of them is being blackmailed during the 50s.  Communism, adultery, murder, and comedy make for one of the most entertaining films of all time.  The cast is one of my favorite ensembles ever assembled.  Each of our favorite game pieces has a great counterpart: Miss Scarlett is Leslie Ann Warren, Professor Plum is Christopher Lloyd, Mrs. White (my favorite) played by Madeline Kahn, Colonel Mustard is Marth Mull, Mrs. Peacock is Eileen Brennan, and of course Mr. Green played by Michael McKeon, and then there is Wadsworth/Mr. Body played Tim Curry.  There was a rumor going around that they were going to remake this film like other recent board game films Battleship, and potentially a Candyland, and Ouiji board game film.  All of these films sound like terrible ideas, but nothing would be worse than a terrible remake of this classic comedy.  There would be "flames on the side of my face."

There is not much more to say about this film beyond the fact that if you have not seen it, and like funny movies then this movie was made for you.  The pacing is brilliant, and I remember as a child thinking this movie is going to be scary, but as the film progresses the scary quickly disappears, and the great physical comedy starts up.  Even as dead bodies pop up, they still manage to keep things pretty damn funny.  I love how they make up pretend make out scenes for when the cop arrives, hearing Mrs. Peacock's moan always makes me chuckle.  Watching Tim Curry run around showing all of the murders, and him annoying everyone, shoving them, hitting them sends me into hysterics.  Without rambling this film is great and cut a long story short ("too late") this is one classic funny film that should be enjoyed by everyone!

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