Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Emmy Dream Ballot: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Now moving on to the Comedy categories, after being away for so long it's time to put out my dream ballot for the Comedy categories.  As the Emmy Awards nominations come closer and closer I am more and more excited about this year's nominations.  Although my dream ballot in the drama categories may find some similarity the comedy categories will remain more stagnant like they typically do.  Here are my dream supporting actor candidates.

Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy in Modern Family- Phil is still the funniest, and best part of this show.  Whether we were watching him try and walk a tight rope, or finding out that his daughter had lost her v-card, and trying to help his son navigate the women's periods.  Ty Burrell is great, and this role was made for him.  Even three seasons later the character continues to evolve and find ways to make that awkward dad humor just great.
Max Greenfield as Ted Schmidt in New Girl-What can I say about Schmidt that you may not already know?  Well if you do not watch the show Schmidt is is pretty damn hilarious; he primps and has OCD, he thinks he is a ladies man, and while he is hot, he often does not clean up the way you would think.  Schmidt's story about sneaking around and sleeping with CeCe not only moved audiences, but made for some hilarious moments.
Ed O'Neil as Jay Pritchett in Modern Family-Jay was my second favorite male on the series this season.  I love watching the evolution of this character, yes he is a little old fashioned still, but his straight forward brand of humor remains to keep the show on point.  Watching Jay dance with Lily at her dance recital, moved me and showed me that this character had evolved.  Watching him jump in the pool after his dog which made it seem he like her more than his wife made me belly laugh.
Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation-He's Ron fucking Swanson, one of the best, most original characters to grace television comedies.  Nick Offerman's timing and dry character representation make him one of the funniest men working in television.  Whether Ron is having to navigate the different Tammy's in his life, try and keep his scout troop in tune with nature, or helping Leslie campaign this character is one of a kind.

Jim Rash as Dean Pelton in Community-This is the year of Jim Rash; he won an Oscar for his solid screenplay for the film The Descendants, and his character got a lot more story line, and brought his character to a whole new level.  Dean Pelton tricked Jeff Winger into a lunch date, which was hilarious, but the best episode was when he attempted to try and direct Greendale College's commercial, and hoped for Luis Guzman to show.  Rash may not be one of the Greendale 7, but his presence on the show was essential, and hilarious this season.
Damon Wayans Jr. as Brad Williams in Happy Endings-The entire sequence where Brad goes to the dentist in the episode "The St. Valentine's Day Maxacre" is the reason Damon Wayans deserves to be nominated this year.  Wayans like his father has great comedic timing and balances this with physical comedy.  As Wayans dances his way to the dentists chair, finding out his always perfect teeth are no longer perfect, he soon becomes drugged up, and laughingly calls all of his friends by their parallel Friends characters.  Great performance, in an under rated show.

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