Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Memoriam: Nora Ephron

Sadly one of the active working female screenwriters and authors has passed away this evening from cancer.  Nora Ephron was 71 years old and she has written and directed a mixed bag of films.  Here is a snap shot of the films she has written/directed.  Nora Ephron has written and directed seven films.  Most of these seven films have had more of a cultural impact than could be realized.


This is My Life

Sleepless in Seattle

Mixed Nuts


You've Got Mail


Julie & Julia


Hanging Up

My Blue Heaven

When Harry Met Sally  



Looking at this full list of films thinking about her impact is tremendous; she single handedly put Meg Ryan on the map.  Ephron's work had this old school charm that many films lack, although how she could ruin Bewitched is beyond me.  With this sudden death I am sad to see this woman go, but her last film Julie & Julia left a great impression for her legacy.

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