Monday, June 4, 2012

In Memoriam: Kathryn Joosten

While I was away I saw one of my favorite old broads passed away, Kathryn Joosten.  Joosten had lung cancer, and died on June 2nd. Most people including myself felt as though she has been around Hollywood for years, but her start did not come until 1992 when she was discovered ironically at Disney (because I was there when she passed away).

Although Joosten's career was short, and filled mostly with smaller roles; she made quite an impact in the world of television.  Joosten started out in small roles on shows like Roseanne, Just Shoot Me, Frasier, Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, and many more.  In 1999 she had a big break where she played Mrs. Landingham the personal secretary to the President in the television series The West Wing; she played the role for two years and was one of the most beloved characters on the series.  This role opened the door for larger guest starring roles, on shows like Grey's Anatomy, and Scrubs.  Joosten's second major role was as a recurring character on Desperate Housewives.  Joosten played the sassy but love able Karen McCloskey.  Joosten won two Emmy Awards for this role in Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

Joosten will be missed; she was beloved, and even though she wasn't around long she starred in over 20 television series and her death will leave a massive hole in the television landscape.

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