Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Help Sweeps SAG and the TV Winners Almost Stay the Exact Same!

Tonight the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) held an incredibly boring ceremony.  The show started with my favorite part actor's talking about how they got their start and their SAG card, and none of the stories were neither funny nor touching (save Damien Bichir).

The first set of winners announced were for Outstanding Supporting Acting performances in a Motion Picture, the wins were the rubber stamped Christopher Plummer (Beginners) and Octavia Spencer (The Help).  Plummer was witty and charming as usual.  While Spencer's speech was heartfelt, and you could tell she was genuinely humbled by the honor; she is true actor who has graced television and film countless times, and I am happy for her.

In the TV Comedy section, the exact same winners as last year won again.  Best Comedy Ensemble was Modern Family, Best Actor was Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock and Best Actress was Betty White in Hot in Cleveland.  In the TV Drama categories Boardwalk Empire took home two trophies one for Best Drama Ensemble and one for Best Drama Actor, Steve Buscemi.  Boardwalk also won both of these awards last year.  I felt as though I were back in 2011 while watching this portion, except Alec Baldwin showed up this year.  I never thought i would say this, but i am getting tired of the same people winning at these award shows.  Do the voters even pay attention?  I also never thought I would say this, but Thank you Ryan Murphy for American Horror Story, your "creativity" brought the only fresh win for the evening in the television categories, Jessica Lange won Best Female Actor.

The end of the evening brought the most shake up in the system.  Viola Davis won Outstanding Lead Female Actor in a Motion Picture for The Help.  This makes Davis the frontrunner for the Oscar.  I should have known it was too soon to honor Clooney with a second Oscar; he lost Outstanding Lead Actor in in Motion Picture to Jean Dujardin from The Artist.  Dujardin has been a very close second for a long time, and this puts him ahead of the game, and makes the category a little more exciting.

I was happy that SAG stepped away from honoring an ensemble they thought would win Best Picture, and choose a film that had a truly amazing ensemble, The Help.  The Help went three for four tonight, besting all of the other multiple nominated films.  The Help is truly about the acting, and I am glad SAG responded.

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