Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Must See Movies and Movies to Skip

January 6th Releases-Time to See What You Missed Around the Holidays
The Devil Inside
Roadie (Limited)
Beneath the Darkness (Limited)

Studios are hoping that people will continue to try and see the films they missed around the holidays.  There is also hope that some limited releases from December will make it to more cities around this time as well.  I know people are hesitant about Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but it's pretty great.  There is also The Artist.

January 13th Releases-Beauty and the Beasts
Joyful Noise
The Iron Lady (expanding from NYC and LA)
Beauty and the Beast 3D

The two brand new releases this weekend are interesting.  Mark Wahlberg is hot, but they should have just made a sequel to The Italian Job instead of doing this.  As a gay man a film with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah screams come see, but my inner voice tells me to wait until redbox.  While I think Iron Lady looks alright, I am excited to see Meryl.  While I love Beauty and the Beast...I own it.

January 20th Releases-In the bitter cold I may just be staying inside this month....
Underworld: Awakening 
Red Tails

My friend has told me I am going to see Underworld with him, but I honestly have no desire to watch Kate Beckinsale try and overact (true friendship). Haywire looks to try and tackle the female version of the Bourne movies, it could have potential, but I think it looks poorly written.  Coriolanus has gotten praise for its performances, but I am not sure I care to go see it.  While I like the plot of Red Tails I am not ready to fork out 10 bucks to see it.

January 27th Releases-Independent vs. the Awful
The Grey
One for the Money
Albert Nobbs (limited)
Rampart (limited)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (wider)

I do not even want to discuss how awful The Grey and One for the Money look, so I won't.  Albert Nobbs looks a little bland, Rampart has Woody Harrelson, but if I have to wait this long We Need to Talk About Kevin is the movie I want to see this week.

Must See Movies of the Month: The Iron Lady and We Need to Talk About Kevin
Movies to Skip: The Grey, One for the Money, The Devil Inside, Contrband

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