Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Must See Movies and Movies to Skip

It's that time of the month not that time.  It's time to talk about what looks good and what does not for the month of February. In all honesty this month appears to look pretty terrible,and there is not much good to go on.

February 3rd 
The Woman in Black
Big Miracle
W.E. (limited)

The Woman is Black could be a decent thriller, but I care more about Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe.  Big Miracle looks saccharine, and like Free Willy Part 5.  W.E. is a Madonna film (stick to music).

February 10th 
Safe House
The Vow
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (3D)

Safe House has Denzel and Ryan Reynolds, but Denzel's movies all look the same these days.  The Vow will be good for Valentine's Day, but marketing your film with two stars from Nicholas Sparks films makes me groan.  Journey to the Center of the Earth was awful, what made them think a sequel was need?  Phantom Menace is the worst of the Star Wars.  Rampart looks pretty solid and Woody Harrelson is a great actor.

February 17th 
This Means War
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
The Secret World Arrietty

Ghost Rider 2? I am not even going to comment.  Reese Witherspoon has not picked a good film since she won her Oscar, and This Means War looks bad.  Arrietty looks good, and a good animated films always puts me in a good mood.

February 24th 
Good Deeds

Wanderlust could be pretty funny, it did come from the people who did Role Models, a surprisingly good movie.  Good Deeds is a Tyler Perry film with Kim Kardashian, No!  Gone looks like another crappy Amanda Seyfried film (she needs to learn to say no).

What to See: Rampart, and a film nominated for an Academy Award
What to Skip: Avoid the new movies this month

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