Saturday, December 24, 2011

Travels with Kevin Part 4: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Well tonight was Christmas Eve, and I celebrated with family and friends at my grandmothers house.  There is something to be said for this time of the year.  Many people will complain or state that this is a depressing time of the year because they have no one to celebrate with.  I have to say as I get older it is nice to celebrate with my mom, dad, and sister.  It is also nice to celebrate with my cousins as we all get older and I get to see them have their own families.  In fact my cousin Amy is pregnant with her first child and her sister Caitlin is getting married in July.

While at my grandmothers I there was holiday music on in the background, and football early in the day.  As football ended and the music started to fade into the background I noticed that It's a Wonderful Life was on TV.  While many people obsess over A Christmas Story (which I hate), I love the Jimmy Stewart classic.

I love watching It's a Wonderful Life, while it can be a depressing story the end message of the film captures one of the most wonderful qualities of this time of year, generosity of spirit.  People come together and share their lives even if everything is not great.  Throughout the the last act of this film George Bailey sees that he had such an impact on everyone he interacted with.  Even in the worst times we still have to realize that our life matters, and that even the smallest actions matter.

Being home for the holidays provides an opportunity to spend time with family.  I live in Boston and my family lives in Albany, NY.  I only get home a few times a year, and during this time even I become gloriously jaded with the holiday spirit.  I put aside the things I hate about being in Albany and just enjoy spending time with my family.  While being home I often remember some of the bad things, but at this time of the year, I sit back and realize just wonderful life can be.

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