Friday, December 30, 2011

Should old Acquaintance be Forgot....Some Hopeful Pop Culture Events for 2012


Revenge-After watching the first nine minutes of the first episode in 2012 I hope the show continues on it brilliant soapy path it started with in the fall.

Community-I just hope NBC realizes what it has with this show, cancels Whitney, and brings this show back, and stops this quick hiatus.

30 Rock-  I hope that Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin realize that while I love this show it may be time to pull the plug after at least year 7.  I do not see the show going much further, I think they should end after this year, but I do not think that will happen.  Who knows maybe season 6 will bring back the glory days of this show.

Mad Men-After almost two years of being off the air, I am excited to have this show back in my living room.  I want more Don Draper in my living room.  This great show has taken too long to come back, thanks a lot for drawing out the contracts AMC.


Meryl Streep-Simply put, I have not seen Meryl in her new film, but I want to see her win her third Academy Award this year she deserves to have a third Oscar on her mantle.

The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises-These three comic book films look promising.  Spiderman needed a reboot after the mess of Spiderman 3, and I think Andrew Garfield will be a better Peter Parker, although this looks to be taking the franchise into a darker place.  The build up to The Avengers has all the chess pieces in place, we have seen every film so character development does matter as much.  I think the story and action look awesome!  The Dark Knight was/is the best comic book film of all time so it will be tough for the final installment to live up to its predecessor, but I think Nolan is up to the task,  I hope all three of these films knock it out the park.

The Post Oscar drought -From February to the end of April the movies fall apart for me every year.  The only two films I want to see are The Hunger Games and  potentially 21 Jump Street.  I hope there are some diamonds in the rough that emerge out of nowhere.  There better be or I will be in trouble.

Magic Mike- A movie about male strippers that includes Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Bomer,  and Joe Mangamiello better have some full frontal-that's all I am saying.

Movie musicals-Rock of Ages and Les Miserables will most likely both be released in 2012.  They both better be good.  Rock looks fun, and Les Mis has so much potential.


U2-I have heard this may be their last major CD release for a VERY long time, in fact they are potentially talking about doing each of their projects.  If this is true I am hoping that this CD surpasses their last album, and makes me forget about Bono and the Edge writing Spiderman the musical.

The Stage

More original shows not based on films, television shows, etc..  I want more shows like Next to Normal. Plain and simple broadway needs to find a balance, and stop creating haphazard shows that they think will make money.

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