Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Tribute to: The Sound of Music and My Childhood

Every year around Easter I remember sitting down in my living room watching the film The Sound of Music with them.  I remember my dad doing the funny voices while he sang, or pretending that he didn't want to watch the movie, but he actually did.  This movie has brought a lot of great memories.  Everyone has movies that bring about wonderful childhood memories and this is the film that does that for me.  With Maria twirling around the hill or singing about her favorite things, I must salute The Sound of Music on this holiday season.

This movie is magical.  I plan to watch Julie Andrews use her golden voice and "climb every mountain."  Christopher Plummer's Captain Von Trap is fun to watch as you see his tough exterior melted by Maria's heart of gold.  I hope to one day go to a Sound of Music sing along.   This movie has also spurred one of my favorite episodes of Will & Grace entitled Von TrappedIf you are a fan of this film watch that episode of Will & Grace.  There is something about Julie Andrews singing with young children that just makes you smile.  Do yourself a favor and find that movie that brought you joy in childhood, and watch as soon as possible!

When and if you read this post your favorite childhood movies-let's keep this trip down memory lane going.

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