Monday, April 11, 2011

Performer to Watch: Mia Wasikowska

I first saw this great actress spilling her guts out in therapy with Gabriel Byrne on In Treatment; her role in this show highlighted a great acting talent for the future.  I was in awe of her performance and hoped she would find great roles that would catapult her film career.  Well my good thoughts for her film career (I'd like to think my good thoughts) landed her the role in the second highest grossing film in 2010, Alice in Wonderland.

Before Alice in Wonderland Wasikowska had a few small roles in some films and short films.  Two high profile films she had roles in were Amelia (the story of Amelia Earhart) and Defiance (a film about Jewish brothers in Nazi occupied Eastern Europe).  Both films had critical potential but neither highlighted Wasikowska's true talent. I hated Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, all he knows how to do know is make a film look good, but the delivery just isn't there, but this is not a rant about Tim Burton that will come later.  Wasikowska was great as Alice; she kicked butt was confident and pulled off a strong performance in a weak film.

Wasikowska's strongest role in film to date is her role in the the film The Kids are Alright.  In the film Wasikowska plays Joni the daughter of two lesbians who wants to find the man whose sperm was used to help create her and her brother.  Sounds like the great American story (well I think so).  Wasikowska knocked it out of the park with this role; she was strong fierce and played the the naive teenager on the verge of adulthood well.

Currently Wasikowska is gaining critical buzz with her performance as Jane Eyre in the film Jane Eyre (of course).  The film is not playing around me but it looks fantastic and she appears to give a wonderful understated performance.  When you look at this actresses upcoming films she is working with some pretty impressive people Gus Vant Sant (Director-Good Will Hunting, Milk), Nicole Kidman, Collin Firth Glen Close and so many more.  Her career is just about to take off so pay attention to this rising actress as she steals the spotlight and is most likely nominated for an Academy Award within the next year or two.


pookey66 said...

I dont care for Mia Wasikowska and do not think she is a very good actor.

If you like her so much, you might want to get the spelling of her name right.


pookey66 said...

It's your site Kevin. But if you dont mind some feedback, you might want to get the spelling of Mia's name right. I see you havent changed it.

C# Developer said...

The name looks correct: Mia Wasikowska

wizarddrummer said...

Mia Wasikowska ... copied and pasted from IMDB's website ... I would think that THEY above all sites woutld have her name correct... YES?

Unless I'm blind the spelling appears to be correct.

I've only seen her in one film; Jane Eyre and I thought she was excellent playing the part of Jane. A spirited, sensual, engaging performance.