Saturday, April 2, 2011

Scream 4: One Movie I am EXCITED to see this year!

So I am not a big horror movie fan-the movies are usually pretty bad-they always have bad actors, bad dialogue, and are well dumb.  In 1996, the words "What's your favorite scary movie" were uttered and I was hooked.  Scream was not only a great horror film ,but it used irony to poke fun at horror movie cliches.  *Spoiler Alert* (if you have not seen this movie-which if you haven't by now its already been ruined for you)  Drew Barrymore getting killed off in the opening sequence still give me chills.  This was a brilliant film opening.  The characters are also fun-my personal favorite is bitch new reporter Gale Weathers played with great comic timing and gusto by Courteney Cox. 

I think the great thing about all three of these movies is that they never pretend to take themselves too seriously.  I like comedy best, and Scream can be viewed as a very very dark comedy.  Now I don't think the subject is funny-so before I get in trouble for that-I think the the way the characters can make fun of the horror genre is unique, like in the scene below.

The mayhem continued in Scream 2, with the some main cast members returning from the original film-Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Cox), Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) Randy (Jaime Kennedy), and Cotton Weary (Liev Schrieber).  There were also several fun cameos Jada Pinkett Smith as the first-well second victim, Rebecca Gayheart and Portia De Rossi as bimbo like sorority girls, and who can forget Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici the film geek and sorority girl all rolled into one.  The tag line is brilliant "Someone has taken their love of sequels too far."  Even within the movie they focus on how bad sequels can be, but this sequel lives up the original.  The killer-well one of the killers is so unexpected that gasped when I saw the ending for the first time.  This is actually my favorite of the trilogy. 

Then came Scream 3.  It is not as bad as many say that it is but it is by no means a jewel in the crown of this film franchise.  The rules in this film highlighted the absurdity of the third film in a trilogy.  The deaths are crazier, the killer is hard to kill (and he was) and even the main character can die-but she doesn't.  The story behind the killer being Sidney's mothers son prior to her time in Woodsboro is clever because it speaks to her mother being a slut, but I was not thrilled with the reveal.  Scott Speedman was not as convincing to pull this off-all I could see was Noel from Felicity.  The best part about this film is Parker Posey's character Jennifer (who plays Gale in the movie within the movie that chronicles the future murders.) Posey is hilarious and her banter with Courtney Cox (the real Gale) make this worth watching over and over again.

Now ten years later in Scream 4 Sidney Prescott returns home to Woodsboro as the last stop on her book tour and the ghostface killer is not pleased she is back and starts going after her and killing other people based on the first film.  The sacred three are back: Campbell, Cox, and Arquette.  The new cast is pretty great-and well the trailer just makes it look bad ass (see down below).  The poster is well made and as my friend Stephanie would say (or well I would say she would say this) "I'm plotzing." There are new rules for a new millennium and new technology. Who will the killer be? Will they kill off one of the original three?  We will find out on April 15th 13 days from (not like I am counting.)  All I know is I will be at the movie theatre at midnight on opening night as this movie opens pretending to brave and not get scared as the release of my most anticipated sequels this year is released.

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TyeGrr said...

I too am excited for this film! I love the original trilogy, and I'm super pumped for this! I'm definitely going to make this my first midnight showing I attend this year. I just don't want Gale to die! Lol