Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Scores: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

So after a long journey of flying for four days staright, I am back and well I need more rest, but I have missed writing in my blog.  As I was traveling I thought about several entries I could blog about, and this was the one I was most excited about so here it goes!

My favorite part about a film beyond the screenplay, the acting, and the direction is the score.  A dynamic score hooks you into the plot of a film.  The music sets the tone and makes you feel the joy, the pain, the drama, and every emoiton possible.  The composers are directing the viewer to make you feel a certain way when you watch a movie.  It is a different type of direction, which captivates most audiences without them being aware. Some recent movie scores have made me fall how passionate the composer wants to convey the message of the story.  Here are my some of my favorite recent movie scores:

Beauty and the Beast-Alan Menken (1991)-It may be tale as a old as time but the music by Alan Menken makes this one of the most memorable animated love stories.

Forrest Gump-Alan Silvestri (1994)-As the feather floats away in air at the end we realize that Silvestri's music pulled us into the life of this simple man with such a complex history.

The Lion King-Hans Zimmer (1994)-My favorite score for an animated feature.  The Lion King uses power and strength to convey the the journey of Simba the young lion to becoming The Lion King.

Seven-Trent Reznor (1995)-Rezner captures the bleakness and dispair of this film well.  The film is so dark and gritty and the music keeps you there from the grusome murders to the struggle to find hope.

American Beauty-Thomas Newman  (1999)-Those piano keys signify the hallowness of Lester Burnham's tragic suburban life.  Newman's emotional grasp of suburban life makes this some of the most beautiful music.
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring-Howard Shore (2001)-This epic score fits the size of the film.  The music carries you from the shire to the battle at end with wimzy and and bravado.

Catch me if you Can-John Williams (2002)-John Williams is a great composer and this is my favorite score he has done in years; he transforms the world of a con man into this playful music that hooks you in.

Brokeback Mountain- Gustavo Santaolallo (2005)-Two cowboys fall in love-and the guitars make you feel the pain and anguish of a love that can never be.  This selection entitle "Wings" is my favorite track in a score ever.

Pride and Prejudice-Dario Marionelli (2005)-I fell in love with Elizabeth Bennett, Mr. Darcy, and this film because the music made me understand their love more than I ever have.

The Dark Knight-Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (2008)-These men captured the dark twsited rampages of the Joker as he ripped through Gotham City. The opening sequence music sets the tone for this film and just makes this film great! 

Film music captures our hearts, terrifies us, and keeps us gripping on our seats to see what will happen next.  Take the time to explore the musical component of film and you will thank me I promise.  In fact your heart may go on to love film score forever.

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