Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Movies to See and Skip!

May was an interesting month.  Will Smith had his biggest flop of his career (not surprising) and The Incredibles, I mean Iron 3 soared at the box office (also not surprising).  Star Trek has done business on par with the sequel proving you can't bring in more people to that franchise. The film really hitting it big (along with Iron Man) is Fast & Furious 6, which has become this incredibly bankable franchise. 

Now You See Me is a surprise hit, as was The Great Gatsby !  Even on poor reviews Gatsby is up to 250 million worldwide, which is fantastic.  After, After Earth the biggest flop is The Hangover III which will barely make half of its domestic gross, although the overseas numbers will help.

From a creative perspective, most of the films were solid, but nothing out of this world.  Kings of Summer is great small film, and I have Before Midnight and Frances Ha still on my list of must sees.  Iron Man was decent, Star Trek beautifully shot, but I was not blown away by any of them.  I hate to say after looking, just briefly, at the June slate, there is not much hope there either.

June 7th 
The Internship
The Purge
Much Ado About Nothing 

The Internship pairs Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn together after their first succesful outing 8 year ago with Wedding Crashers (can't believe it was that long ago).  Crashers is funny, but has not aged as well for me (40 Year Old Virgin was released the same year).  I think this pairing looks a little bit more force, but they are both fun guys.  I am going to skip it.  You can go, but do so at your own risk!

The Purge starring Ethan Hawke looks like a great concept, but all concept and little execution.  People can do what they want (include kill) within 12 hours?  I am going to skip it, and maybe wait for DVD, or HBO.

Much Ado About Nothing What does one do after directing one of the biggest comic book films of all time?  Why direct a modern creation of a Shakespearean novel with some of your favorite actors.  I love Joss Whedon because he change it up, and this film adaptation looks great!  I will be seeing this, although I am not going to run out right away.

June 14th 
This is the End (June 12th)
Man of Steel

This is the End I saw it already, and you should see it too!  This is one of the funniest, scariest movies, and I loved every second of the inside jokes.  Even though I saw it I would pay to see it again!

Man of Steel sure spent a lot of money in promotion, they can't afford a failure here, and they will not have one.  Based on the good word of mouth, the trailer, the featurettes etc all online  I will absolutely be seeing this, even though I am not crazy about the man of steel himself (my least favorite super hero). 

June 21st 
World War Z
Monster's University 
The Bling Ring

World War Z looks boring for a zombie film.  I have heard a lot of complaints from people who read this book that Z looks nothing like they imagine, and Pitt is miscast, that's not a good sign if book fans are angry from the beginning.  The trailer has just never sold me.  I will be skipping this, and probably watching for free on flight at some point.

Monster's University looks different or that it has lost something from the original.  There was something about the first film which had character and heart this sequel looks like a cheap ploy to make money, although I think that's the bad taste of the 3-D re-release this past December.  I will not be joining Sully and the gang in college.

The Bling Ring got some mixed reviews from critics already citing same old same from Sofia Coppola, but less like able.  I am not sure a film about young girls who steal from celebrities is meant to be a warm and fuzzy film.  I am going to give this one a chance, Coppola has been hit or miss, but who doesn't like a good heist film?

June 28th 
The Heat
White House Down
I'm So Excited 

The Heat looks like it needs more fire.  Pardon the bad pun, but that's all I could think of.  Pairing McCarthy and Bullock with great comedy director Paul Feig seems like a sure fire hit, but just looks terrible like Identity Thief.  Reviews from screenings say this is just a mess and not funny.  I will be skipping this and never watching it just like Identity Thief (can we get Melissa McCarthy better stuff).

White House Down, yes another movie about an attack on the President and DC.  The theme of these movies is obviously a lack of faith in government, but they are not that smart.  While this film has Tatum and Foxx, it's sad to say it does not look as good as the other mediocre film with the same premise released earlier this year.  I will be skipping this assassination attempt.

I'm So Excited, comes from Pedro Almodovar, and this film promises to be in line with his earlier more campy comedies.  I loved Almodovar's darker work like Talk to Her and Volver, but I am excited to see him return to his lighter, and from the looks of the trailer, gayer roots.  I will be seeing this with my red cowboy boots on, thanks Ted!

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